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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Everything About Lambda Sensors

An oxygen sensor, also known as the lambda sensor in your car is an electronic device which helps to measure oxygen proportion in your vehicle. It was first developed by Robert Bosch during 1960s. These are the ones responsible for making modern electronic fuel injection and emission control possible. It helps to find if the air-fuel ratio is rich or lean. As oxygen sensors are part of the exhaust system, it does not measure the air and the fuel entering the engine directly but indirectly identifies the air-fuel ratio. The cost of lambda sensors depends on the brand or make.

How does it work? 

These can divide into two interchangeable types first being the Zirconia while the other being Titania sensors which are classified as binary or lambda 1 sensors. Both the sensors work in a different way but with the same goal of catalysts working efficiently and the harmful gasses are kept to the lowest possible level.

All the new cars come with oxygen sensors in order to help the engine run efficiently and to produce few emissions. Vehicles require lambda sensors because the amount oxygen that the engine can pull depends upon various things including the altitude, temperature of the powertrain, load on the engine etc. When the sensors stop working, the computer can no longer sense the ratio and ends up guessing. Usually, the life of sensors varies from 50,000 kms to 80,000 kms depending on driving conditions.

When it needs to be replaced

A defective oxygen sensor obviously needs replacement. However, there could be several benefits of replacement the sensors. Replacing a sensor can bring back its peak fuel efficiency, can minimize the exhaust emissions and improves the life of the converter. These are not amongst the maintenance items that need regular replacement, but lambda sensor check needs to be done at least once a month. No vehicle gives the signal when its sensors fail, therefore one has to rely on other signs that foretell that sensors have stopped working properly. The most common signal is engine-light on the dashboard. Other signals include rough idle, misfiring spark plugs, lack of power and increase in fuel consumption.

How to choose lambda sensors?

The answer to the question “how to choose lambda sensor” largely dependant upon the make of your vehicle, as it should perfectly fit and perform with your vehicle. Another thing to keep in mind is, always buy sensors from a trusted seller who offer replacement warranty in case it doesn't work. A finely working OEM lambda sensors can significantly reduce emission. In order to get it changedComputer Technology Articles, you can easily buy online in India. Take a look at its online auto parts store 


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