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Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Four big auto makers no new models introduced

Song poems figure is GuangQi Honda first cross-border models, this paragraph of the eighth generation based on the development of cross platform accord models with our unique "Crosstour" style to consumers left a deep impression.

If each big car companies in 2012 will launch what vehicles, believe you on the network search at will receive an accurate answer. And in fact with the global automotive mainstream brands have to enter the Chinese market, and under the influence of each other in their new models will be constantly introduced into China and localization of domestic later, some of the new car manufacturers now introducing speed and frequencies have greatly reduced. The following, we will for you "alternative inventory" out of 2012 is nothing new models introduced or domestic and only stay in the design of a few brands and change models.We count for 2012 years the domestic car brand new car, in the fully deducted the "new generation" and "a new car domestic" premise. The above four brand GuangQi Honda, JEEP, Volvo and Shanghai Volkswagen skoda, in 2012 will only to the Chinese market to provide "models style" changes not new. Below we one comment on them.1. GuangQi this TianGe poetry in figure 2.4Car window: matching 2.4-liter engine prices lowerSong poems figure is GuangQi Honda first cross-border models, this paragraph of the eighth generation based on the development of cross platform accord models with their own unique "Crosstour" style to consumers left a deep impression. At present GuangQi this TianGe poetry in the domestic car sales figure only two paragraphs, emissions are 3.5 L, manufacturer guided prices for 39.88-428800 yuan.2.4 L model can not only enrich the launch of consumer choice space, and is in the price also more dominant. Through the above we can see, 3.5 L poems figure in passenger vehicles consumption tax is to pay 25% of large displacement consumption tax. And in 2.4 L models of the tax rate fell to 9%, reduce 14% further reduce poems figure for the entry-level threshold.2. The new JEEP Cherokee SRT8 bigCar window: one million yuan price-top performance SUVThis type of SRT8 JEEP Cherokee SRT8 models is big is the second generation models. On modelling more fashionable, joined the LED daytime driving the lamp. New paragraph 2012 daqienuoji SRT8 is comparable to the performance of the sports car SUV, meet those who hope to have both for JEEP tough shape and can have the properties of the sports car customers will both fusion together, expand the daqienuoji product lineup will continue to attract new customers to JEEP brand.Motivation, will be 6.1 L displacement engine tuned to 6.4 L displacement and tie-in use 5 file the hand from a body transmission highlighted started acceleration. Can output the maximum 342 Kw (465 HP) and maximum 628 cattle meters of torque. In addition, the engine fuel efficiency also compared to the old model have risen by 13%, this is because the new car is equipped with a new active exhaust system, this system can make Chrysler cylinder passivation fuel-efficient technology can more wide in engine speed range play a role.3. JEEP 2012 of the guideCar window: increased 2.0 deluxe edition more cost-effective2012 of the Jeep guide series models based on the original model of new 2.0 liters deluxe edition, some models also added red copper, deep sea blue two body color, all is the price interval remain unchanged, 22.19 to 272900 yuan. 2012 one of the biggest highlights of guide is to enrich the backup camera powertrain.In the original 2.4 liters D-VVT aluminum engine foundation, increased 2.0-liter inline-four engine, and provide the sports section, deluxe edition two kinds of models choice. Cooperate with 6 speed stepless hand from a body CVT transmission, 2.0-liter models can be realized at the same level leading insurgent output, the maximum power for 156 horsepower, the maximum torque of 190 cattle meters, not only can deal with city rides power demand, and better fuel economy, the comprehensive conditions km is only 7.6 liters fuel consumption. Intelligent Freedom Drive the initiative of the system of full-time raider sports chassis technology, can bring precise, move feeling and stable urban road control experience.4. Volvo V60Car window: S60 travel edition added Volvo subdivision intervalVolvo V60 will be introduced into China in early 2012, roll out black, red, white three color models. Volvo V60 body size for 4628 mm X 1865 mm X 1484 mm, wheelbase for 2776 mm and S60 exactly the same, but from the whole modelling to see V60 seems more elegant some.But on the other hand, as one of the world's most famous auto brand, VOLVO VOLVO has been in a good safety and car DVD celebrated. Based on the Volvo V60 models of S60, the future is equipped with rich passive safety configuration. For example, the cruise system, the initiative to identify, lane maintain and Volvo CitySafety city security system.5. Shanghai Volkswagen skoda ScoutCar window: 1.6-liter engine vehicles CROSS version of crystal sharpnessIn 2012 of crystal sharp increased in the mid of a CROSS cross-border models, called crystal sharp Scout. On the exterior, Scout sharp increase wafer roof racks and with a metal decorate, before and after black bumper and under the door black suv built wipe board wide mad feeling, silver guard board add fashionable breath.Compared with common model is not the white hood double color design. Assembly 5 spoke to sports aluminum wheel, ensure better movement to catch and performance, and to promote the certain ground clearance is achieved. The appearance of sharp Scout crystal size of high aspect ratio respectively for 4031 mmX1658mmX1541mm size, a cash increased 39 mm, 16 mm, 41 mm. Silver roof racks reveal personality cross-boundary style. Motivation, crystal sharp cross-border version of the car to pick up cash is the crystal sharp 1.6 L motor, the most power is 77 KW, peak torque 155 ft-lb). TransmissionHealth Fitness Articles, will respectively with the 5 or 6 speed manual speed the hand from a body gearbox match.

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