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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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GPS on school buses safe driving management

GPS can be set to a burglar alarm, emergency alarm, driver fatigue alarm, speed alarm, the situation of a complete burglar alarm systems

  It is understood that the Dongguan local application of such GPS terminal products business, probably dozens more use of logistics and transport companies, factory management, school bus management to the end of large-scale installations.

    GPS can be implemented 3G transmission, its greatest benefit is that the school can conduct real-time monitoring and found that the circumstances exception to remind or supervision of the driver. 3G network card can be a real-time video / image control. Secondly, the system comes with multimedia travel log analysis software can achieve 4-way synchronized image playback conditions playback, clip store, character superposition, the superposition of geographic information and driving record, event analysis and record extraction.

 GPS can be set to a burglar alarm, emergency alarm, driver fatigue alarm, speed alarm, the situation of a complete burglar alarm system, to facilitate schools to automate management. The alarm system is divided into the driver proactive alerts to drivers passive alarm two categories. Such as emergency alarm when drivers encounter equipment failures, security incidents, take the initiative to press a key alarm button connected to the vehicle terminal, or by installing a monitoring center software, cell phone alarm, alarm information through the platform / SMS / e-mail reminding them of the monitoring center personnel, the immediate response. Another example is the networking equipment to the relevant regulatory authorities, be monitored to overloading or vehicles of unusual circumstances, to order the school or the driver stops processing, instruction issue off the oil off the target vehicle (equipped with power off the oil when invalid by the monitoring center relays), device after receiving the command to start off the oil power failure relay to cut off the supply of gasoline-electric vehicles.

    Installation of GPS vehicle before the driver drove the ID card through a card reader sensor successfully read the ID card data, the vehicle ignition start. Corresponding drivers of the process of moving all of the information, including parking, speeding, driver fatigue will be recorded so that the school monitoring center to understand the operating conditions of the corresponding drivers.

    In addition, the system also has a location-tracking signal detection services, electronic maps, voice calls, mileage statistics and other routine functions applicable to the monitoring of the school bus.

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