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Thursday, June 20, 2019
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Improve Your Creativity With Truck Tool Boxes

I can be very proud of my sons. They are smart, lovely and ambitious. But last week they were the reason for a very shameful experience. I just hope that they don’t know why.

I have two sons, Andrew and Mike. Andrew is 12 and his passion is music. He was five, when he started playing guitar, and at ten he was very interested in playing drums. His dream is to become a rock star and if continues on like in the past years, his chances won’t be that bad. A few days ago he brought his first girlfriend home, so the next step to becoming a rock legend has been done too. But I will take care that the other typical stereotypes of a rock star (drugs, alcohol and endless parties) won’t be part of his musician life.

Mike is a bit younger than Andrew and his interests are a bit different. He is more interested in sports, mostly baseball and surfing. I don’t want to show off with my guys, but for a guy in his age he surfs pretty well in comparison wit the other ten year old boys. Last week he got hurt for the first time, broke his right arm, but it sounds worse than it is actually. I have been surfing for around twenty years and accidents and injuries are part of the surfing sport.

The reason, why I tell you a bit about my great sons is not just the fact that I am very proud of them. Beside that, I had a very shameful experience a few days ago and Andrew and Mike are the main actors in it. It was a Friday and my working day was pretty hard. So I was very glad to get home and to see my sons and especially my wife Jasmin. She was on vacation with her sister the past two weeks, so I could not wait to see her again. In order to improve the whole evening after seeing her again, I drove to a small shop called “Love and Lust” and you are right, when you think that the name presents the stuff they offer there. I don’t want to go too much into details, but I bought a few nice tools, which will definitely be helpful to have a wonderful night with my wife. After I came home and welcomed my adorable wife, I recognized I left the “tools” in my car. It would be no real problem if they were lying on the driver’s seat and the car was locked. But in fact they were in my truck bed and everyone got a good look at them. In order to be not too scared I remembered that no one is really interested in the stuff I have in my truck. Except my sons! When I told you about them I forgot one very important detail. They are very prying and try to figure out everything. This day they figured out how to hide in my truck bed. In doing this they found a few things that awoke their interest more than the other typical stuff they are confronted with each day. As I mentioned, I don’t want to go into details too much. But my explanation afterwards, which should declare the function of all the tools, was very enjoyable. I can just hope that my sons do not try to test, what I told them. Otherwise they will introduce a variety of Baseball, where balls a smaller and bats are made from leather.

Afterwards I decided to avoid such experiences that need my entire creativeness. So I bought a truck tool box instantly that will lock up the gear in the truck bed. Now I can use my creativeness for issues like the purchase of nice new toolsScience Articles, which make me and my wife very happy!!   

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