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Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Increase Car Mileage in 5 Simple Steps

If you want the best out of your vehicle in terms of fuel efficiency, follow these simple guidelines and notice an immediate increase in mileage or MPG (Miles per Gallon) of your car. Drive at reco...

If you want the best out of your vehicle in terms of fuel efficiency, follow these simple guidelines and notice an immediate increase in mileage or MPG (Miles per Gallon) of your car.

Drive at recommended speeds – Driving at a constant recommended speed means less slamming of the brakes and fewer press/release sessions with the throttle (accelerator). This is the key to fuel efficiency. Remember that fuel consumption is more in both cases whether you are accelerating at low-speeds using low gears or at high-speeds using high gears. The key to peak mileage is to keep the vehicle speed constant at top gear by driving within a speed range of 28 m/hr (45km/hr) to 38 m/hr (60 km/hr) in the city and around 55 m/hr (90 km/hr) on the highway.

Maintain tire pressure between recommended levels – Under-inflated tires can decrease the mileage of your vehicle by as much as 5% in a month. That is a telling figure considering the amount of fuel you can waste just because the tires on your car don’t have the correct pressure. Less pressure in tires means increased rolling resistance and increased traction resulting in more power requirement and load on the engine to propel the vehicle at the cost of more fuel. Check tire pressure at least once a month and maintain it within recommended limits for the best mileage.

Service your vehicle at regular intervals – Plan your car servicing as per the usage and the drive conditions and do it after regular intervals to maintain a well-tuned machine. Engine oil changing and tuning, minor repairs, greasing and cleaning of major parts of the vehicle can drastically improve the fuel efficiency. A well maintained car engine means less consumption of fuel, better performance and fewer emissions.

Limit the use or Air Conditioner – Use the car air conditioner sparingly since it uses fuel to cool your car-cabin. Switch it off when it is not needed. In case you drive in hot conditions, make sure you service the air conditioner regularly to keep it in peak condition. You can avoid using the air conditioner by always parking your vehicle in shade.

Plan your trip and Car-Pool – No other option compares to this one in terms of fuel efficiency. You definitely save fuel when you drive less. If you plan your trip before setting off and drive to destinations along the shortest possible routes, you can save both fuel and time.

Car-Pooling is modern man’s answer to fuel crisis and deteriorating environment. If you have a group of people who travel the same route as you do around the same time of the day using their own vehicle, you can all combine and travel in a single vehicle everyday instead of using individual means of transport. Usually the vehicles are shared on a rotational basis.

This way we can reduce the number of vehicles on the road at one timeHealth Fitness Articles, save fuel and do a bit for the environment as well.

Now you know that increased car mileage is just 5 steps away.


James Rodham

Quality Auto Parts

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James Rodham is the Information Architect at Quality Auto Parts

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