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Monday, May 20, 2019
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Intelligent transport needs of informations sharing

In April 1997, held Debao Hotel in Beijing, China's first Intelligent Transportation Conference. Qi-Xin Shi still remembers himself as subject to the speeches of the President of the General Assembly ...

In April 1997, held Debao Hotel in Beijing, China's first Intelligent Transportation Conference. Qi-Xin Shi still remembers himself as subject to the speeches of the President of the General Assembly - the development of intelligent transportation is the trend, is the revolution.

    According to Qi-Xin Shi recalled, since a lot of sense of smell company therefore came to the door, these companies had engaged in the business of computer, communications, roads, electronics, automation, network and now want to enter this field.

    Research funds in 1999, he organized a "ITS Communication" magazine asked him to their own series, introducing intelligent traffic conditions at home and abroad. Later, it can not get the formal Issues, had to give up after seven years.

    He has been pinning its hopes on the Government. First Intelligent Transportation Conference in 1997, Qi-Xin Shi calling for intelligent transportation included in the national plan. 2002, the Chinese government really started from the national level to push Intelligent Transportation Ninth Plan neutral two small projects, the Tenth Plan is neutral for two major projects.

    But the effect is not obvious. RFID (radio frequency identification, commonly known as RFID tags), for example, companies could not find the focus of industrialization. Most businesses get support funds from the Ministry of Science and Technology, and turned to buy foreign chips, and then do some secondary development, application only, the last is still a lack of core technology.

    A place to open four or five times to discuss the Intelligent Transportation, Qi-Xin Shi is speeding like to go down, "I have found to go awry, businesses have to rush to the ground to develop, in fact, it is unhealthy."

    In 2004, Qi-Xin Shi recommendations to the National Information Industry Department, do national car computing platform engineering, similar to today's car networking platform. He believes that this not only to solve the traffic problem, but also because the future is the era of smart cars, and automotive electronics is the key to smart car. Built this platform can help them stand up China's auto industry. But his plan did not get a response.

    In accordance with the design of Qi-Xin Shi, car networking has three, the first is the perception layer, such as RFID-aware system, which is a lot of companies are doing is the most simple level; the second layer interconnection, namely cars and trucks. vehicles and road interconnection; The third layer is cloud computing and other smart computing, scheduling, and management vehicles.

    He said that many companies in the car part of the networking front, the second layer less the third layer, not to auto dvd and car dvd player mention the Southern Weekend reporter. In fact, without the cooperation of the government, the enterprise is difficult to intervene at two levels behind.

    After October 28 last year, Wuxi major projects meeting the outgoing car networking project news, shares of Silver River (GEM stock code: 300 020) immediately limit the next day. This former enterprise e-commerce company, 2009Article Submission, marked by the label of the concept of things in the GEM Listing intelligent transportation business is the biggest piece of their income.

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