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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Mazda Logos and Brand Recognition

Mazda has logos on its vehicles that help consumers identify the brand. If you're interested in knowing more about this topic, then please read on.

Mazda has had a series of logos from the beginning of its vehicle manufacturing history in the 1930s. Every major company adopts certain logos, signage, designs, fonts and mottos that help consumers recognize the brand right off. Not only car makers do this but stores, clothing manufacturers, small and large businesses. Colors, style and font type all help distinguish various companies from the crowd. Brand recognition is an important component of successful marketing. Here are some things to think about:

- Logos: Over the years, Mazda's emblems have morphed from one style to the next. If you think of other companies such as Coca Cola, McDonalds, IBM and more, you'll see the visual image in your mind's eye of the font, colors and design style used for their organization. Once a company has established a recognizable logo, they'll want to keep it intact so that consumers will be drawn in through familiarity. This Japanese car makers symbols have been:

o 1930's: The early years' symbol was basically their name spelled out in Italics. The curving letters first donned the 3 wheeled scooter/trucks.

o 1959-1972: During these years, the emblem looks similar to the lower case letter "m" with the first and last lines of the letter extending above and beyond the body of the "m."

o 1975-1991: During the mid-seventies to the early nineties, the logo reverted back to the name "Mazda" only this time it was in capital letters: MAZDA.

o 1991-1992: During this short time period, the company adopted a symbol that resembled a silver belt buckle. It is a horizontal ellipse surrounding a hollow diamond. The design was supposed to equate to a flame and passion.

o 1992-1997: The former emblem appeared to look too much like another automobile maker's so Mazda's was morphed slightly into a less sharp central diamond.

o 1997 to current time: The current symbol is a silver ellipse with an M resembling a bird in flight in the center. This idea was meant to represent the manufacturer flying into the future.

- Signage/Style/Font: Every company has a sign in the front of its operation and the design is usually aligned with the style of its logo. Signs can be made out of metal, carved or painted wood, stone, plastic or in neon lights. The font and colors should reflect the overall style of the company.

- Mottos: Businesses become known for their mottos or slogans as well. Some examples include Coke's "It's the real thing," Kentucky Fried Chicken's "Finger Lickin' Good," Nike's "just do it," IBM's "Think," Chevrolet's "American Revolution," and Mazda's "Zoom zoom."

In order for a company to achieve high status and market itself properly, in addition to producing a high quality product, it must design a logo, stylePsychology Articles, motto and become solid in brand recognition. Mazda has done all of that. It's no surprise that its slogan would be "zoom zoom" because of its interest in developing alternative high powered engines such as the Wankel and Miller and participation in racing venues such as Mazdaspeed.

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