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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Spray Booth Filters, Dry Filters Vs Water Wash Booth - Which Is Better?

Owning a spray booth is only the beginning. You also need to know your average painting output, as this will determine what type of spray booth setup and spray booth filters you will need. If you have a large painting output then a water wash booth may be for you.

Smaller setups will only require a dry spray booth filter format. Read on to discover what a small and large enterprise would look like and what the best setup for each entails.

So what is a water wash booth?

Basically, they are a normal spray booth but the filtration method uses water instead of your normal dry filters.

  • What are water wash booths?
  • How do they work?
  • Why you might need one?
  • Denaturants - Why are they crucial to water wash booths?

  • Contract monitoring for water booth systems.


What are water wash booths?

Basically, they are a normal spray booth but the filtration method uses water instead of your normal dry filters. The back of the booth is in effect a wall of water that catches all of the overspray.

This means that it makes it much easier to clean and maintain than your normal dry filter booths.


How do they work?

Waterwash booths are extremely efficient, they are perfect for manufacturing processes with a very high production rate.

This is because it allows you to efficiently clear the waste and in turn creating very little downtime compared to your dry filter booths holding spray booth filters.

However they are more expensive to install and maintain so unless you are painting large quantities then it probably won’t make the investment worthwhile.


Why might you need one?

This type of booth are high volume pieces of kit. A company spray painting cabinet doors on an industrial scale of over 200 a day would be perfect candidates. If you are an auto shop spraying two cars a day you wouldn't receive the benefit and would be better sticking to a standard dry spray booth filter booth setup.


The Importance of Denaturants

Possibly the most important part of a water wash booth setup

Denaturants Explanation Table Name Sizes it comes in What does it do? Gramos Tak Kill Biocide 5ltr tub eliiminates odours and bacteria like legionnaires in water Gramos Tak Kill 20Kg Tub helps stop foaming and helps solids to water seperation Gramos Anti Foam 25 ltr tub yep...stops foaming   Denaturants - Why are they crucial to water wash booths?

To properly use your waterwash system, you will need some additives to put into the water.

There are a few that you will need, including dentaturants, Biocide and possibly an anti foam. The denaturants are very important because they are what makes your spray booth safe, efficient and viable.

They separate the paint overspray and the water meaning you can easily remove the waste paint with very little downtime. The paint biocide is also important because this removes any of the smell that the water and overspray might cause and prevents bacterial build up

Biocide also prevents microbial contamination in the water, meaning your workers stand a reduced risk of them catching a microbial disease.

The last thing that you may need is some anti foam. This isn’t 100% vital but it does stop your paint from foaming up especially if you are using water based paints.

This allows the paint to be properly treated and the water level in the spray booth to be maintained at the correct levels.

It is vital that you familiarise yourself with the additives needed, because if you get the wrong amount, then it can have adverse effects as they contain incredibly strong chemicals, if mistreated these chemicals could potentially become very harmful to you and the painters.

By having the correct amount of additives, you also reduces the risk of catching legionnaires disease. This is a form of pneumonia caused by inhaling contaminated water droplets. Although rare it can be deadly so make sure you treat additives with respect.


Contract monitoring for water booth systems

A brilliant way to ensure that your booth is kept up to date is by implementing a maintenance plan. This prevents costly downtime and it ensures that bacterial and fungal growth is prevented.

If you are struggling for time at the moment then you should get a contract in place for someone to monitor the booth, this is something we can offer but there are also plenty of other companies willing to do the same.

Gramos DenaturantsHealth Fitness Articles, Tak Kill and Anti Foam can be found at multiple paint shop specialist stores with a quick online search.

Hope this information helps you and please subscribe for further support with your paint shop. For further information on Water Wash Booth's watch the video which gives a visual overview of the main differences between dry filters and water wash.

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Andy Potts | 29th June 2020 - An automotive, paint, art and business specialist on both the spanner and shirt and tie end working for various companies such as Jaguar Cars, Online-posters, Ultrimax Coatings.

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