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Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Things to consider before waxing and polishing a car

Want to protect your car by giving crystal clear shining? Have a look at the guide you need to follow before you go for polishing or waxing your car. 

All of us know that no one likes to sit in a car that is dirty by the interior and exterior. Basically, a car with rough and faded paint is not something attractive. People who are sensitive always want to keep their cars clean and shiny all the time. Now in case your car lost its shine and has minor scratches, you need to wax or polish it. Some of you are already looking forward to waxing or polishing your car but don’t know how to?

Basically, it's all about tips and instructions that you have to keep in mind because almost all of us usually know the procedure but don’t know pro tips. No need to worry, we’ll go through all do’s and don’ts that we have to keep in mind for a professional car waxing or polishing in case needed. Let’s have a look at all the important things we need to know before waxing and polishing your car.

Important Things to Know Before Waxing and Polishing your Car 1- Difference Between Car Wax and Car Polish

First thing is that people even don’t know the main difference between car polish and wax, they consider both as one thing. Wax is supposed to remove minor scratches and bring shine to your car’s paintwork whereas we apply polish to remove paint defects and restore paint’s look. Wax is something that lasts for round about 3 to 4 months depending on the car wax brand. On the other hand, car polish is supposed to protect your car for years. You can’t polish your car every 3 months because polish provides protection for a minimum 1 year period.

2- Use a Balanced Amount

The use of heavy wax amount doesn’t guarantee perfect car detailing, the same case with car polish. You can use paste wax, liquid, or spray wax that depends on your own preferences but applying an even amount of wax or polish is necessary. The reason for not suggesting a heavy amount of wax and polish is that it might rip off your car’s paintwork. Remember that heavy wax or polish coating can damage the car’s paintwork especially when it's an old car.

3- Wash a Car Before polishing

It is recommended to wash your car before you polish a car. Polish is supposed to remove all stubborn and dirty marks off your car’s surface so it is better to prepare that surface before applying polish. In order to wash your car, you can use any best car wash soap but don’t use any detergent soap on a car because it damages your car’s paint a lot.

4- Remove Scratches before Waxing

As we stated above, the wax is something that provides your car protection and shiny luster. Car wax also protects your car from harmful UV rays along with complete paint seal protection. You must remove minor scratches and dust off your car’s surface because all marks will be sealed under wax coating and this will not look good at all. So, remove all stains and scratches off your car before applying wax.

5- Polish Before Waxing 

In case you want to polish and wax your car, do polish first. Car polish is supposed to remove defects of paint and restore its look by removing a thin layer of the paint. Polishing a car helps in restoring paint shine in case paint got faded by sun rays or debris. Now why polish a car before waxing? As we discussed above, wax brings that seal protection to our car so you must polish first to restore paint shine and then lock paint surface by applying wax.

Hopefully, going through the whole guide will help you waxing and polishing your car like a pro without damaging your car’s paint. See, it wasn’t that much difficult, all you have to do is to keep all instructions, do’s, and don’ts in your mind. All of these auto detailing tips do matter a lot because you can't compromise when it comes to your car.


As an overall summary, we can say that waxing or polishing a car at home is not impossible. You can do polish or wax your car yourself if you follow all instructions and important tips because any careless might bring lot of damage to your car’s paintwork. We came to know that polish and wax both are different thingsComputer Technology Articles, one for bringing shiny luster and one for restoring paint look. We’ve got to know that we should polish our car first then apply wax.


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