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Monday, February 17, 2020
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What are some of the secrets behind How Junk Yards make Money?

Once the trusty car that you have relied on for so long starts falling apart, you may be at a loss of how to cope. You have formed a bond with that machine that transcends spoken words. It is normal at this stage to start thinking about having the car completely fixed. Until you get a quote from your mechanic on the price of those repairs.

It is usually then that most people accept that the only real solution at this point is to dispose of the car in question. Only then is it possible to move on and replace it with a car that is newer and more reliable in its relative youth. However, they don’t realise that they can do this by selling it. Because they assume that nobody would buy it! But there is someone who will buy your scrap vehicle. It is your local Cash for Car Company.

The only other alternative is to dismantle the vehicle yourself and sell it piece by piece. This requires a whole lot of tools, space, time and expertise. If you don’t have them, get in touch with your local wrecking yard. Here are their secrets:

  1. They Drain the Fluids

There are still plenty of toxic fluids inside that scrap vehicle. They cannot be allowed to escape into the environment. That is exactly what would happen if they aren’t drained first. Which is why at the salvage yard, the auto wrecking experts will drain the fluids. Otherwise those fluids, including engine oil, brake fluid and anti-freeze, will get everywhere and eventually end up in the environment. Once there they wreak havoc on the local wildlife and plantlife.

  1. The Battery Is Removed

The battery is a key source of juice that the average car relies on in order to run. It is extremely easy to find these components. And it is also a very simple task to remove this part of the vehicle. The amount of ease involved is also at the same level when it comes to how much difficulty there is in selling it. Batteries are also a synch to recycle if they are completely spent.

If there is any petrol left in the vehicle, it will be removed and stored. However, it is better if you do this yourself before selling it as you can re-use it and save money.

  1. Remove the Parts

The money that your junk vehicle is worth is tied up in the parts. Tyres are removed first. They are very easy to recycle or sell second hand if they are in good enough nick. Once all the parts that can be re-used and therefore sold second hand are taken off, they are refurbished and made as good as new. The rest of the car is sold as scrap metal. The scrap metal yard will shred it all, separate the metals into groupsComputer Technology Articles, and sell it off further. It is the circle of life. Embrace it.

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