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Saturday, October 23, 2021
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What Does a Choice of Repairer Mean for You

Want to know what a choice of repairer means for you? We outline what you need to know when engaging with your insurance provider and what's best for your vehicle.

There’s more to car ownership than meets the eye. Aside from making sure your vehicle is roadworthy, you should also make sure that you’re backed by comprehensive car insurance. Aside from easing your financial fallout, your automotive insurance can also help you deal with accident repairs.

Outlined in your insurance policy, is a clause that tells you whether it comes with a preferred repairer or your choice of vehicle repairer. Here’s what they mean.

Preferred Repairer

A preferred repairer is one recommended by your insurance provider, typically an accident repair centre, which can keep costs down for all parties. If you’re one who takes good care of your vehicle, the idea that panel beaters will be manhandling your precious ride doesn’t seem all that appealing. That said, choosing a preferred repairer does have a few advantages. Here are a few.

  1. Streamlined process

Many insurance companies have direct payment arrangements with the repair shops they work with, streamlining the process of covering the costs of repairs. What this means for you is that you can avoid the hassle of filing and waiting for reimbursements after paying out of your own pocket.

  1. Insurance coverage approval 

If you go with your choice of repairer, you can receive a higher quote than what your insurance company’s preferred repairer would offer. In most cases, your insurance provider will ask you to pay the difference between the quoted amount and the costs covered by your policy. If you go with your insurance company’s preferred car repairer, you can lessen the chances of running into a higher quote and paying extra for the difference.

Choosing your insurance company’s preferred repairer can be a convenient option for some car owners, however, it does come with its own disadvantages. Below are a few:

  1. Dodgy repair

While it is convenient to have your insurance provider arrange the repair of your vehicle with their preferred contractors, the result you get may not actually exceed your expectations. These repair companies have an agreement with your insurance provider to make repairs within the scope and monetary limit dictated by the insurance company. Carrying out the necessary accident repairs with a limited budget can leave you with dodgy results.

  1. Chances of substandard components.

Because these smash repair companies are pushed to work on a limited budget, they may revert to using substandard replacement parts to cut costs. While this can get your vehicle up and running, using secondhand and salvaged components can compromise your safety on the road.

Choice of Repairer

On the other hand, choosing ‘choice of repairer’ allows you to take your vehicle to a car repair shop of your choice - usually one you trust. This allows you to choose a repair company that will work for you and not your insurance provider. Here are a few reasons why many car owners prefer their choice of vehicle repairer over an insurance-provided contractor.

  1. Your car gets the service it deserves

When your vehicle requires repairs, the auto body shop of your choosing can give it the service it deserves. It’s their name on the line and they would have their reputation to keep intact. That said, you can be sure that your car is as roadworthy as ever when you walk out of their service center. This means better replacement parts, the use of cutting edge technology, and a repair that boasts industry-leading standards. After all, the quality of service you get reflects on their business.

  1. Transparency of repairs

Your car panel experts will most likely give you a rundown of the repairs needed, the materials required, and the timeframe in which the repair will be accomplished. And although you might get the same information from your insurance provider’s tie-up mechanics, you’re sure that you receive honest and truthful information from your trusted repairer.

Having your choice of an accident repair workshop means that it will be worked on by people who care about your car as much as you do. However, it does come with a few downsides. Here’s one: 

You can go over budget

When you work with selected repair centers, there’s a chance you can get a higher quote. That’s because they use enhanced equipment, high-quality componentsHealth Fitness Articles, and genuine parts to help bring your vehicle back to its pre-crash condition.


Understanding the difference between these two options can help you get the most out of your car insurance. Choosing a smash repairs company like Classic Panels can mean that you get adequate and satisfactory vehicle repairs from people you can trust your car with.

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