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Monday, June 24, 2019
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Why Your Auto Detailing Business Needs a Mobile Car Wash Machine

If you are an owner of auto detailing business, it is necessary to provide quality services, no matter how many cars you are required to wash. So, this business needs a mobile car wash machine which handles higher number of vehicles to earn more every day.

Customers demand quality service from their mobile car wash operator. No matter how many cars you are required to wash, you are expected to do a good job on each vehicle. The mobile car wash business also has to keep productivity in mind. The higher the number of vehicles washed, the more you earn every day.

Gone are the days when washing cars by hand was the norm. Today, with many high end mobile car wash machines on the market, the buyer has many choices. Most car detailing businesses choose equipment keeping in mind a variety of factors.

If you are going to carry business to your clients’ doorstep, portability is the most important criteria. Ordinary pressure washers are heavy and need a lot of space. This makes them unsuitable for transportation over long distances, particularly if you are going to be carrying these machines in small trailers.

There are machines designed for use by portable car wash businesses. These machines are portable, given that they can be easily fitted on a trailer or truck for easy transport.

Pressure Level
Common wisdom suggests that the higher the pressure level, the more effective a pressure washer is. This is not strictly true. While pressure levels play a major role in determining the effectiveness of a machine, factors such as temperature, flow rates, and even the type of machine parts are important.

Another fact to keep in mind is that very high pressure levels can damage the car. Usually, most dealers will recommend mobile car wash equipment with pressure levels of 1500 psi or less. Car wash equipment should also have the right accessories to be able to handle such high pressure levels. For example, the hose should be strong, dual layered pressure hoses to resist wear and tear.

Instead of high pressure levels, detailers rely on high wet steam temperatures up to 250°F to melt and blast away the toughest automotive dirt and grime.

Parts Design
For car detailing, use machines with sturdy parts. Check if the machine housing is corrosion proof. Stainless steel parts are more durable than other metals. Many machines have parts designed to offer additional levels of comfortable use. For example, a machine that shuts down if it has been idling for a few seconds, saves electricity and reduces machine wear and tear.

Carpet Cleaning
While car exteriors are cleaned with pressure washers, interiors are made dirt free with carpet cleaners. Car upholstery should be cleaned either with cold water or hot water, if the carpets and seats are very dirty. There are various models of portable carpet cleaners sold through the industry’s’ top dealers. When buying portable carpet cleaners, check if the machines are:
  • Low flow – for quick drying times.
  • High temperature – for faster removal of stains.
  • High pressure – to quickly breakup stubborn residues.
Carpet cleaning machines with heating devices can use hot as well as cold water. This helps save electricity when you don’t need the additional cleaning power of hot water for washing carpets. It also allows for use of cold water on heat sensitive materials as needed.

Portable carpet cleaners that are low flow use minimal water. This is advantageous on many fronts. Carpets dry more quickly, often in as little as two hours and they stay cleaner for longer duration. Faster drying times also eliminate any risk of mold or mildew growth.

There are many ways to build a profitable auto detailing businessArticle Submission, but the basics always involve top quality car wash equipment.

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