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Monday, May 20, 2019
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321 Stainless Steel Tube Hardness Test in Several Ways

Hardness test is one of the most simple test methods in mechanical performance test. In order to be able to use hardness test instead of some mechanical performance test, the production needs a more accurate hardness and strength of the conversion relationship.

Mechanical plant is the most commonly used in this stainless steel tube rockwell hardness. Especially after the heat treatment of parts of the hardness test, are generally Rockwell hardness test. Stainless steel rockwell hardness test method is widely used, the reason is that its method is simple. Whether it is Brinell hardness or vickers hardness, the test method needs to measure the diameter and diagonal length of the pit pressed out by the indenter, which is cumbersome. The Rockwell hardness test method, with the indenter out of the pits, although the same, but only through the depth of the pit can determine the hardness value. Therefore, the test machine can directly show the size of the pit, without the need for measurement, only need to use the pressure of the test action, you can get the hardness value.

Hardness is a measure of the softness of the material. Hardness test methods are more, the principle is not the same, measured hardness values and meaning is not exactly the same. The most commonly used static load pressure hardness test, that is, brinell hardness HB, rockwell hardness HRA, HRB, HRC, vickers hardness H, rubber plastic Shore hardness HA, HD hardness value of the material surface resistance to hard objects The ability to press. And the hardness of Hl, Shore hardness HS is a rebound method hardness test, its value represents the size of metal elastic deformation work. Therefore, the hardness is not a simple physical quantity, but reflects the material elasticity, plasticity, strength and toughness of a comprehensive performance indicators.
1.HRC meaning is the Rockwell hardness C scale;
2.HRC and HB in the production of the application are very broad;
3.HRC scope HRC 20-67, equivalent to HB225-650;
4. Rockwell hardness tester C gauge head for the vertex angle of 120 degrees of diamond cone, the test load is a certain value, the Chinese standard is 150 kg force. Brinell hardness tester for the hardened steel ball HBS or carbide ball HBW, the test load varies with the ball diameter from 3000 to 31.25 kg force.
5. Rockwell hardness indentation is small, the measured value of the local, to be measured points to find the average, for finished products and flakes, attributed to a class of non-destructive testing.
6. Rock hardness hardness value is an unknown number, no units. So it is customary to say that the degree of hardness is too correct.
7. Rocky hardness directly on the dial display, can also be digital display, easy to operate, fast and intuitive, suitable for mass production.
8. Under certain conditions, HB and HRC can look up table swap.

Practice has proved that the hardness of metal materials between the hardness value and the intensity of the value of the relationship between the approximate. Because the hardness value is determined by the initial plastic deformation resistance and the continued plastic deformation resistance, the higher the strength of the material, the higher the plastic deformation resistanceBusiness Management Articles, the higher the hardness value.

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321 Stainless Steel Tube Hardness Test in Several Ways

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