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Friday, September 18, 2020
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4 Reasons To Get Involved In A Network Marketing Business

You can start a traditional storefront business, buy into a franchise, or start a home based network marketing business. Here are 4 reasons I chose the network marketing business.

Forget franchises and brick and mortar businesses. The cheapest and quickest way to start your own business these days is to jump into a network marketing, home based business opportunity. This is especially true since the internet has opened up national and international markets to even the most amateur of network marketing newbies.

There are many positive factors attached to starting a home based business with a network marketing company.

1. The upfront costs are relatively minimal. An aspiring network marketing entrepreneur can get set up with an honest, well-established company for less than $500.00. I know of at least one national company that costs $50.00 to get started with, and they include benefits for the network marketer.

Why do these companies charge to join? For some, it is a means of weeding out tire kickers. Usually, it takes some capital outlay for the company to even set the new member up in their system, and, since a large number of people never DO anything with their new network marketing business, the company is left with an out-of-pocket expense with nothing to show for it. Many companies also have employees dedicated to assisting new members and most provide some sort of beginning packet of supplies for new members.

Since a network marketer by definition works his or her business through a network of personal acquaintances or personal acquaintances of that first level, there is little to buy in the way of advertising. I don't want to go into getting a network marketing business started, but the best way for a total newbie to proceed is to select a product or service they know something about and believe in, select an honest company with a good track record, and begin their careers in network marketing by concentrating on building their network.

2. The new network marketing business can be run without large outlays of time or money. Most network marketing home based businesses do not require an office, furniture, or even a new phone line. Many a network marketing professional has literally begun working from their kitchen table.

By the way, I am NOT saying that you should never advertise, or buy a fax machine, or hire a secretary. I am simply saying that it is possible to effectively start a home based business without any of those.

3. No drastic lifestyle changes are required. Most people who opt to try the network marketing way of life have jobs already. They often have benefits, seniority, are possibly expecting a raise, and have some idea what each day is going to bring. This is called stability. People starting a new business, whether it is a network marketing business or not, have no clue what to expect from day-to-day, receive no benefits from their new business, and are totally in the dark about how much income they can expect and when it will start to show up! Fortunately, they can hold on to their day jobs and build their new entrepreneurial enterprise at the speed they can keep up with.

On the other hand, if you start most franchises or brick-and-mortar businesses forget about having a life. You will almost certainly have to give up your job, paycheck, and benefits, or learn to work 100 hours a week...or more, since a new storefront may require you to be present 100% of the time.


Q. Can you REALLY start a home based network marketing business part time?A. Yes. I and a few thousand other people have done this. I worked as a truck driver and instructor while I was building my business.

Q. Can I REALLY eventually quit my REAL job and do this as my only job?A. I have, and so have a few thousand other people. If you see me in a truck stop these days, it's because I am on my way to or from some fun place. Just got back from the beach at Corpus Christi today, as a matter of fact. I was there on business...wink, wink, nod, nod. Actually, I did talk to a guy named Brian who's really interested....what was I talking about?Q. HONESTLY now, if I get good at this network marketing thing, can I make a lot of money? How much?A. I guess I'm not very good, as I only make a few measly thousand a week at what I do. (Of course, I'm lazy and don't work very hard at it...witness the recent trip to Corpus Christi.) My friends, Ed and Phil, on the other hand, were making over $100,000.00 A MONTH the last time I talked to them.

How much WILL you make? I don't know, and neither does anybody else. Anyone who tries to recruit you into a network marketing company with promises of specific amounts of income is, in my humble opinion, lying or grossly insincere (I'm trying to be diplomatic here.)

How much CAN you make? Okay, that's different. I still can't give you an answer in dollars, but if you are signed up with an honest company and work the business the way you are supposed to, you can make a helluva lot more than most wage slaves and many professionals...doctors, lawyers, accountants (I was one once), etc.


4. In an honest network marketing business opportunity, your income is determined by your personal ability and output. You sell a lot of product; you make a lot of money. Don't sell much product, you don't make much money. You build a good sized downline; they increase your income exponentially. Don't build a good downline and your paycheck suffers. Train your downline and help them to succeed, and they will put money in your pocket. Ignore them and let them succeed or fail on their own, and you may find a keeper who puts money in your pocket anyway...but not as much.

Hey! I didn't even get to the part about being your own boss, spending time with the kids, being able to afford luxuriesFind Article, and building a network of friends that may extend around the globe!

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Donovan Baldwin is a Dallas area writer and network marketing consultant and trainer. Find more network marketing resources at or sign up for free internet marketing tips by sending an email to .

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