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Friday, February 26, 2021
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5 Crucial Factors To Consider Before Buying A Portable Generator

The common things which we have to keep in mind before buying portable Genset for your home of house are described in this article. 

Crisis always comes unannounced, and all we can do is be prepared for it. And the most common type of emergency that we all face in our daily lives is load-shedding or power cuts. From home routines to office work, almost all our tasks depend on electricity, which is why sudden power cuts often lead to work delay, system failures, and even reputation damage in today’s’ fast-paced world. The only way to prevent such problems from occurring is to have your backup electricity generator to provide an uninterrupted power supply to your tasks. And if you’re wondering how you’d be able to afford and fit a giant generator in your home or your office, there’s a specialized version of generator designed to serve just your small scale tasks, known as the ‘Portable Generators.’ 

Today, there are some top-of-the-line Genset manufacturers in India who design and provide highly efficient and easily portable compact generators that can serve all your energy requirements for a significant duration. However, since the options are quite diverse, it is vital to factor in some technical features of a portable genset to select the one that best suits your residential or commercial needs. And to help you do so, here are the essential factors that you need to assess before making the purchase:

Type Of Fuel:

Ideally, Genset is designed to run either on diesel or gas. You can also find solar-powered generators today. Diesel generators are more compact and efficient in generating electricity, but also release harmful fumes of carbon monoxide. Hence, they aren’t ideal for indoor storage or use.

Generators running on gas like Propane are much eco-friendly and safe to use, but their performance degrades in cold weather.

Solar-powered gensets are the cleanest and quietest option of all gensets, yet their efficiency is lower than other options.

Required Power Output:

This is a major factor to consider as you don’t what to buy a genset that either lacks or exceeds the amount of power your appliances require. 

The power rating of a refrigerator is around 600 watts, while a computer system requires approximately 300 watts. Hence, depending on what appliances you’ll be running, your generator capacity will vary. 

Performance Expectations:

You can find different gensets designed for residential, commercial, or even touring purposes. If you’re planning to use a genset continually for long durations, you’ll require a high continuous rating generator. Whereas for short but high power output, you can choose a high Max-rating generator.

Here, various other factors such as the metal used, model size and design, the fuel needed, the brand quality, etc. come into the picture.

Accessories To Genset:

Based on where and how you plan to use the genset, you will probably need some add-ons to the genset for effortless power conversion and supply. 

For example, transfer switches and interlock devices or gen-cords to connect the genset output to your main circuit channel, automatic current switches, trolleys, multi-outlet converter, weather-proof consoles, etc. are some essential accessories which you’ll need.

Safety & Standards:

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and The Ministry of Environment and Forests have laid down several emission standards and regulations for gensets that use fossil fuels. 

It is imperative to check all the ratings and quality certifications of the genset to prevent yourself from unforeseen losses.


All fuel-based gensets have their benefits and drawbacks, so you must choose your fuel-type based on how you plan to use the generator. If you’re looking for a generator manufacturer in India who can help you find the right type of portable Genset for your use, the Kala Biz has got you covered. With the top experts amongst all Genset manufacturers in IndiaPsychology Articles, our team at Kala Genset is adept at analyzing distinct energy requirements and helping our clients buy the most suitable gensets for their home or business. Visit the Kala Biz Website to have a look at our generators and contact our industry experts.


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