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Monday, April 22, 2019
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6 Elements to Test to Increase Conversion Rate

ing these 6 common sense elements of your site can increase conversion rate quickly and easily. Your conversion rate will explode if you…

So, you have an online business and a website…how is your conversion rate? Are you happy with the results that you are getting or could it be better? Chances are you would like the conversion rate to be better no matter how well your site is doing.

When you are building a business you can’t just throw a page together and expect it to convert well for the rest of its existence. Each and every page needs to be tested by using different versions of common elements to find the optimum mix.

And just because you found a mix of elements that works well today does not mean that it will still enjoy a good conversion rate a month, week, or even a day from now.

Elements to Test to Increase Conversion Rate

#1 – Navigation – The purpose of a sales page is singular, it is to convert traffic to customers. Too many sales pages lose sales by giving the traffic multiple choices.

The secret to a successful sales page and a higher conversion rate is limiting the choices to two. Click to convert or hit the back button and leave.

Test the navigation by using different calls to action. You can also improve conversion rate by testing different graphics for the call to action. Another tactic is to sprinkle numerous calls throughout the copy.

#2 – Branding – Branding is a huge part of the online market. You want people to recognize the quality and professionalism of your products and services by simply seeing your logo.

Test different logos until you find one that your traffic responds well to.

#3 – Speed – Today we live in an “instant gratification” society and people are used to getting what they want the moment that they want it.

Test different versions of your page using graphics. Test different graphics and even a page with very few graphics.

Since graphics are directly tied to load speed you may find that your conversion rate goes up with fewer graphics to slow loading.

#4 – Content – Content is important and you can test so much simply by altering the way you say things.

Try a version of the copy that is straight and to the point against a version that is longer with a more personal feel.

#5 – Bullet Points – Bullet points are a great way to break up your page giving the reader a rest.

Most readers don’t handle large volumes of text at once very well so you can give them a bit of a rest by spacing out a few well thought out bullet point lists.

Keep the lists between 4 and 7 bullets.

#6 – Stress Benefits Instead of Features – Here is something that you have to know about human nature if you want to increase conversion rate.

The average consumer could care less about the features of your products or service…they want to know exactly what it can do for them.

Concentrate on benefits before getting to features. Try thinking about what each feature does to help the user then write from that point of view. You can get features in if you turn them around and use them as a benefit.

More to Improve Conversion Rate

Test each element of your copy against other versions to increased conversion rate.

Testing is a never-ending process that works to ensure that your business is getting the best return on investmentArticle Submission, and is a necessary part of any sales strategy.

There are many elements that can be tested to increase conversions but the 6 mentioned here is a great place to start. Work everyday testing your page and its different elements and your conversion rate will increase.

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