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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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7 Steps To Get Started Making Money From On-Line Marketing (For Newbies Only)

Let's be frank. On-line marketing is challenging for people who would like to try but do not have a single idea what it is all about. Well, sure they keep hearing everyday people make lots and lots of money from the business. And it might also be the right thing to do for them. Or is it?

WARNING: A bit of experience on using computer is required. Especially, browsing internet.

Try go to any search engine, and type "on-line marketing", "making money from home", "home based business", or something along that line. Get the results. Quite daunting isn't it. Which site to choose. Where and how to start? Read on and I'll show you how.

1. Get the right idea. This is not a quick money scheme. It is pure marketing, using the latest technology and system available. Computer and internet combined. The most powerful marketing tool I would say. Bearing that in mind, you must be willing to work. That is why it is called "working" from home. How hard you work will determine how much money you will make, and how soon you will make that money. You also have to have the right marketing plan.

2. Get a product that you can sell on the internet. Better still get a lot of products to sell. Much better still get your own product(s) to sell. For tips on what to sell on-line you can check this article at: or
This article below also helps you getting started selling your product(s) on the net

3. So what if you do not have anything to sell. We must admit that some people are less talented than others. I know that because the best thing I could make is a paper plane that can hardly flies. So what can people like us do? Join an affiliate program. Better still join a lot of affiliate programs. In other words, help sell other people's products. Wow! That does not help does it. Again, which program to choose? You can do some reseacrh, and I suggest you do. Or you can try the proven affiliate programs like this one:
Empowerism at
SFI Marketing Group at
Internet Marketing Warriors at
Traffic Swarm at
Internet Marketing Centre at
What this will do is basically you will get some amount of commissions from the company when somebody buy their product through you. That sounds easy, isn't it? But read on.

4. Get a DOMAIN name. What is that? It's your 'company's name'. It's how people will recognise you after this. This the 'company' that will market your product(s) or other people's products. After this, people will recognise you as or Well, at least that is what people will address you on the net. That is your domain name. Where can you get your domain name? You can check out
You can look for free domain name but you will not get the exact name that you want. It will be something like Not that nice. Furthermore, this free company will also host your site with limited capabilities (see next tip). Not very good for your marketing strategy. Also look out for the offer because some companies provide better offer than others.

5. Host your domain. An analogy of this is, after setting up your company, you must find a building for you to place all your resources. In real world, this is where you will put your staffs and office equipment. This is where you will lay out your marketing plan. It is your base. Without a host, it is impossible for you to get started. As I mentioned in the previous tip, you might have to pay a little bit of money for somebody to host your site. It is like renting. Again, when you choose your host look for the offer. You can ask around but I suggest you take a look at
Things to look include the service they provide and a good support team.

6. So far so good. Now you have your product(s), a company and a building. Can you start selling and put your marketing skill to the test yet? Not really. Your web site is not about ready yet. You can create your own web site using the latest software available like Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage. You can also do programming using HTML. But if you are like me who neither have the skill or the time, you can leave it to the pro to do this tedious job. Visit and they will create a web site that is ready to sell your product(s) on the net within 24 hours.

7. Now that all your resources are ready, you have got some marketing to do. Your main objective is to attract as many netters as possible to your site. This is call traffic and you need a lot of it. You can spread the words to your friends about your site but the much better way is through email. But it does not stop there. Reach the netters too. There is a few ways to do this and I can quote a few. For example free advertisings on the internet, announcement list at yahoogroups or you can also link your site to others. For details you can check by Stone Evans where you will find a lot of tips. Again I have to warn you that you might have to folk out some money if you want to reach better and larger audience.

By following these 7 steps, I am sure you will be on the right track to start your on-line marketing business. Along the way you can improve your plan and get new product(s) to sell. As Steve Stone Evans puts it "Your Altitude is Determined by Your Attitude Be Positive, Aim to Serve Others and Program Yourself for Financial Success". Again I would like to stress that you have to monitor your growth closely, review your marketing strategy, be patient, read a lot of articles, be audacious to implement tips you receive from others, and I am sure success will come your way.

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