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Thursday, August 22, 2019
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A Brief Insight into the PGP File Encryption

The PGP Email Encryption for BlackBerry application provides the complete ease to external partners and customers for the secure communication.  PGP Email as it helps us to send and receive the data.

The whole objective and purpose of encryption is to allow authorized people to view the data while making the data unreadable for others. PGP is one of the widely used encryption methods. The acronym PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy.

What are some of the basics of PGP file encryption? We call data that's in its readable state is known as plaintext and data that's been encrypted is called ciphertext. Algorithms are used to change plaintext data into ciphertext and depending on the encryption method, the type and number of algorithms used will differ.

The method of changing plaintext data into ciphertext is done with what are called "keys". In some types of encryption, keys are used to encrypt and decrypt the data and also during the actual encryption process.

When explaining the procedure of PGP encryption, it's best to first describe public-key cryptography. To participate in the encryption and decryption of data using any method of encryption, each participant must have a public and private key pair. There is a cryptographic algorithm that links a user's public and private key pair but it's impossible to derive the private key from the public key which makes the use of these key pairs completely secure.
Since PGP uses many algorithms, it is much more secure than most other methods of encryption. A plus point of PGP is that during the encryption process, data is compressed up to 50% which takes unwanted stress off the network when sending data.

Working of PGP encryption/decryption Process

The data encryption process starts with a random key being generated. This key will be what's required to actually decrypt the ciphertext in what's called symmetric-key cryptography. Then the key itself is encrypted using the recipient's public key. The outcome of this process is the encrypted data and the encrypted random key. Both the encrypted data and key must be sent to the recipient in order to decrypt the data.

The process is then done basically in reverse by the recipient using their private key instead of their public key. Then the recipient uses their own private key to decrypt the encrypted key. All that's left to do is decrypt the ciphertext using the same key that was used to encrypt the data originally and the data will be as it was before the process started!

PGP file encryption is an absolute necessity for any organization that storesFree Articles, sends or receives any sensitive data like credit card information or customer's personal information. Both the sender and receiver must utilize the same encryption method and features within the chosen method to let recipient decrypt the ciphertext. PGP is a worthy encryption method that can also be used as a data storage security solution as it encrypts the data while at rest instead of doing so on the fly.

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Blackberry PGP  file encryption  is widely  used  by  commercial  email  users  in  order  to  keep  the  data  safe  from  hackers  or  unauthorized elements.

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