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Saturday, December 14, 2019
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A way to beat global financial crisis

EU Commision and its vice-president encourage industry all over Europe to invest in those areas considered “with high potential” and as first all indicate mechanical engineering industry. This article will draw a brief overview on the new guidelines suggest to industry by EU Commission and the role Italian industry will play if these guidelines are applied.

Mr Antonio Tajani, vice-president of the EU Commission, supervisor for industry and entrepreneurship, in recent article encourages to “more industry against crisis”.

Mr.Tajani says that in Europe, from the beginning of the debt crisis, industry has laid off more than 3.000.000, with GDP staggering figure being lost. As a consequence, economic data say that manufacturing industry has still an income 10% lesser than 2007.

Businesses bleeding and losing workforce, according to Mr Tajani, have happened also because there have been “missed opportunities and wrong choices due to a misconception of an economy based only on finance and third sector”

Only few think over the fact that export (75%) and innovation (80%) depend on industry for a large portion.  We must add that industry development is linked to the creation of new job opportunities since each workplace in manufacturing generates two workplaces in industry.

Industry needs to comply with urgent matters such as environment, scarcity of raw materials and renewable energies. As a consequence, industry is vital also because is engaged in studying and adopting new solutions environmentally friendly. 

EU Commission expresses a warning towards industry: industry must commit fully to stop industrial sector decline to obtain, by 2020, a GDP based for its 20% on manufacturing. 

This change and growth process’ keywords must be “innovation, training and access to credit, supported by more sensible marketing policies, infrastructures and a whole picture more favourable towards business”.

This process must involve all industries sectors that must work following a mutual strategy directed to convey industrial forces and efforts from all over Europe. 

EU Commission has selected “six areas (judged) with high potential, which could generate cross consequences on different industries: specialised manufacturing, new technologies, bio-technologies, green vehicles, sustainable buildings, different raw materials and intelligent networks. EU must channels its found into industrial innovation, promoting Bei activity”. 

To develop these sectors public funds are not enough but they must pave the way and support private investments coming from those same industries. Industries must join together to increase their competitiveness and proceed speedy in their growth. 

Italy in specialised manufacturing (one of the area pointed by EU Commission), rules the roost.

Moreover, Italian industry is willing to build a network of enterprises with foreign companies, also because Italy focuses on export as a way to win the financial crisis. Statics say that exports are the driving factor of Italian economy. 

Foreign companies, even those ones who are less accustomed with the Italian market, at this moment need to find Italian industries, in those strategic sectors, as business partners

EU Commission is encouraging European countries to focus on their industrial production, investing only on strategic sectors, first of all on mechanical engineering and specialised industries. Since Italian industry is one of the European leaders in this field, business relationships with Italian best companies is a good starting point to build a solid and growing network.  

The first step to an agreement is getting in touch with a company. Not every company, but a business that is healthy and profitable: before any business agreement there must be a partner’s background check.

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