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Monday, February 18, 2019
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Are You A Rhino? Success Requires it!

Are You A Rhino? Success Requires it!By Lena ... ... is a majestic animal. Be it maybe ugly to some, but majestic no less. When the Rhino wants to get ... nothing can stop it. A Rh

Are You A Rhino? Success Requires it!
By Lena Sanchez

The Rhinoceros is a majestic animal. Be it maybe ugly to some, but majestic no less. When the Rhino wants to get somewhere nothing can stop it. A Rhino has a skin so thick that arrows cannot penetrate it. A Rhino will run over whatever is in his path to get to his goal.

I believe a Rhino is really and entrepreneur in disguise. When a Rhino has set a path nothing can deter him from its goal, tunnel vision of sorts. A Rhino doesn't absorb the arrows shot at him, they just bounce off the tough hide. The Rhino isn't rude just committed and single minded. A Rhino doesn't know how to be dishonest!

Remember the games you played as a child? Were they games that mimicked what your life watched? My five sisters and I had a schoolhouse or hospital, depending on how we felt that day. We built it out of old beds that we dragged from a garbage dump about a mile from our house, (Parents weren't too happy with that) and we taught each other everything we knew which, happened to be what we had absorbed from our parents or teachers. Sadly none of those lessons were how to be successful at business because we did not see that in our parents. My father was a farm labor/share cropper and knew nothing about business either. My mother was busy having and raising children so she had no outside business sense. So as I grew I started watching people I admired and began to work at figuring out how to get where they were. I spent lots of years in that mode. I did not know how to ask any one of them to be my mentor… At play I learned about the Rhino and fell in love with it as an example of life. As I grew older I truly learned the Rhino lessons that taught me how to succeed!

A true Entrepreneur gets an idea then goes at it with tenacity and stick-to-it-ive-ness, and rightly so if he/she wishes to succeed, just as a Rhino after food or water. Something I've learned over the years that puts me in the same category, when an article pops into my head or an a ad that can't be forgotten I go for it and nothing or no one can stop me until it is in my computer, to my husbands chagrin. He thinks I'm a loner and maybe there is some validity there as I need space and time to put it all together in my head then into my trusty computer. Anyone who doesn't write or isn't an entrepreneur at heart cannot possible understand.

We are born with the innate sense of entrepreneurial ship and a glow of desire sits in ALL of us as a child until the world/family says, "You can't do that." Without realizing that we are being programmed to fail by our friends and family, most of us listen and believe. Have you chosen to listen to those that say, "You can." or those that say, "You can't"?

Are you an entrepreneur or striving to be an entrepreneur? Do you have this burning desire to succeed and don't know how to get there? Above all things there are some rules you must follow to get there and that is, hurt no one, be honest with all people but most of all be honest with yourself! Find the right program/product/service that you can feel that Rhino passion for. But one of the most important goals in that travel is to find a mentor who has been where you want to go that is willing to help you get where you want to be!

There is a slight difference in a Rhino and a human being. A Rhino can't rationalize nor stop his path when committed. We, on the other hand have the ability to do both. If we try something and it doesn't work we have the ability to stop and change paths, and that is necessary at times. Also we can rationalize and survey what we are about to do decide whether it is right for us or not. We do not have to listen to the negative barbs of unmotivated lazy people in our lives. If they don't have what you want slough them off your back!

My first two years on the Internet was very trying and disappointing. I had to stop and survey what I was doing, evaluate people and make a 360 degree change, a couple of times. My mentors that said they wanted to help me only gave lip service and no actual help. In building Medical Facilities I also had to change directions many times as I was dealing with different personalities in each one, but I never deviated from the final goal of succeeding.

I started out on the Internet very excited and sure of myself. Having been very successful at building and growing medical practices for 17 years I was sure I knew what I was doing and could make this Internet business work for me with a little bit of information gleaned from several sources online. Mind you, I did not know those sources personally and felt that every one was being a true entrepreneur and being honest with me… What a fool I was and naive to the Internet. Yes, there are a lot of scammers online but also there are more good, honest, hardworking people than dishonest. If I had given in to the negative aspect and thought that all people were dishonest I would have given up.

I took a Rhino run and went strait ahead with determination and a positive attitude, knowing that I could and would succeed and I have. I found an online multimillionaire mentor, drove hundreds of miles to meet him personally to be sure he was what he appeared to be and the rest is history. Two years now of succeeding with his road plan and information…

I developed the skin of a Rhino so that I cannot absorb the negative barbs sent my way. When family doesn't take my work-at-home career seriously I simply smile to my self and think, "They are so simple minded!" If they are happy working 9 to 5 in a mundane JOB (just over broke) with no true security, I feel bad for them but it's their choice, I'm don't try to change their mind, I'm too busy making money! When someone sends me an email accusing me of spamming when I know I haven't I shake it off and go on. People forget they subscribed to something because the Internet has so much thrown at them that going on to another site sometimes wipes out the actions taken shortly before and the mind goes blank. I continue on my Rhino path!

If you have an entrepreneurial desire and don't have a product or service take a look at what I found for you at

BE A RHINO, succeed! Feel free to ask for help

Author, Lena Sanchez Editor of "Natural Environmental Health &
Business Facts," newsletter,
A retired Medical office nurse/administrator/consultant's
Lena also does consulting in online business and alternative
health matters helping to build success in both business and
healthy minds and bodies

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Lena is a retired Medical Office Nurse/Adminstrator/Consultant and great grandmother. Living life by helping others build strong buinesses and healthy bodies. Editor of Natural Environmental Health & Business Facts! Bio & Picture at

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