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Sunday, May 19, 2019
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Are you Inspired? Its Up to You

What's the difference between employees who put in lackluster effort and employees that are highly motivated.  In many cases, it is simply vision.  The highly motivated employee knows where he/she is going and I willing to work to achieve his/her goals.

Do you wake up in the morning with a pep in your step ready to take on the day or do you dread every moment of your job and wake up depressed and unmotivated. Unfortunately, millions of people are the latter. They lack inspiration in their job and in turn they have little productivity. Their lives are bleak because of it and they mope along uninterested day by day.

What's the difference between the two employees? Between the ultra-motivated and the completely unmotivated? It comes down to self. Those that are motivated, choose to be motivated and those that aren't choose to be unmotivated. It's really that simple.

In reality, there are tough moments for everyone. Even the most motivated people have moments where they lose their inspiration. But, in the end they find a way to get it back. They find a way to will passion into everything they do. How do they do it? It's really a simple one word answer. It's a secret weapon that all highly motivated people use to turn their attitudes around when the going gets tough.

Vision. Vision is a powerful and somewhat abstract word. But, what it really means is that ultra-motivated people have a specific vision about their future. They know what they want and where they are going. They know when they sit down to work on a hard day what the work is for. They know that if they don't do the work, then the vision will be sacrificed. This is more powerful than you think. If you don't have a vision, then your work means nothing and it can be sacrificed on the tough days. Those without vision have no purpose. We all need a purpose and vision in our work lives. If we can't see where we are going then it's easy to be discouraged and uninspired.

Let's use the example of Mary and Jack.

Mary chose to apply for a job at a mid-sized software company because they had innovative software. Mary is a creative person and she was attracted to the cutting-edge way they did business. She decided to take an entry-level position to get into the company and work her way up. Within 2 years she was on a software design team doing what she loved. Every day of those 2 years was spent passionately. She arrived at work inspired and ready to prove herself because she had a vision of where she wanted to be. She made her own success.

Jack had a tough time finding a job out of college and eventually took an entry-level position at the same software company. Jack looked at the job as a way to pay rent and thought of himself as over qualified. He arrived at work every day with a chip on his shoulder and did the minimum required. After two yearsFind Article, he was still answering the phone and filing papers. Every day he searched for jobs on the internet hoping to find a more fulfilling position.

What's the difference between them? Quite simply - just vision. And vision made all the difference in their ability to motivate themselves and be successful.

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Charlie Bentson King is a writer and producer of motivational training videos.

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