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Monday, December 6, 2021
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Beat the rise in Electricity Prices by being Savvy with your Usage

Electricity prices are rising and it is the consumer that starts to feel the pinch. The best way to combat any increase in electricity prices is to reduce the amount you are using.

These top tips for cutting electricity usage in your home with help you beat those electricity price rises whilst being an altogether more environmentally friendly household.

∑†††††††† Reduce the amount of heat that is lost by dealing with draughts. Add covers to letterboxes and keyholes. Youíll be surprised how much warmer this makes your home feel. A house that retains its heat better does not need to be heated as much as one that doesnít so cover up and turn the thermostat down.

∑†††††††† A brief tour of your home will most likely identify numerous gadgets and appliances that are switched on or left on standby, are not being used and are consuming electricity. Switch off the TV and DVD when they are not in use, donít leave mobile phones or electric toothbrushes on charge all day and night and remember to close the computer down when you have finished with. If you are not doing this you are wasting electricity and with electricity prices being what they are, you will be wasting money too.

∑†††††††† Get an energy monitor. Energy suppliers can tell you when electricity prices are on the rice but they canít tell you what is using up excessive energy in your home. An energy monitor can show you your usage in real time and you can track the difference when you switch appliances off. These clever devises can help you be more aware of what you are using and can promote a family-wide energy use reduction campaign.

∑†††††††† Switch the lights off. This is so simple yet is often overlooked. By switching the light off when you leave a room you will use less electricity. If you are going away, rather than leaving your lights on all the time in a bid to deter burglars, invest in a timer to switch your lights on and off periodically, eliminating the need for you to build up your energy usage even if you are away.†

∑†††††††† Change your traditional light bulbs to energy saving ones. Not only they last a lot up to ten times longer but they will save you energy as they use an impressive eighty per cent less power.

∑†††††††† Reduce the temperature on your washing machine. The majority of the energy used when running a washing machine is used in heating the water to the specified temperature. Many washing powder manufacturers now boast the ability to wash at thirty degrees so review what programme you are using and adjust accordingly.

∑†††††††† Maintain your appliances to ensure they are working efficiently and when replacing white goods consider more energy efficient models. Aim for a model that is rated APsychology Articles, A+ or A++. The amount of energy you can save doing this is surprising.

Electricity prices look unlikely to plummet so ensure that your household adopts a more energy efficient outlook and count the savings.

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