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Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Benefits of Using Led Emergency Lights

Led Emergency Lights , use bright, energy saving Light Emitting Diodes, for low-voltage operations. This avoids having to use sealed LED acid batteries. This makes the unit lightweight and easier to i...

Led Emergency Lights , use bright, energy saving Light Emitting Diodes, for low-voltage operations. This avoids having to use sealed LED acid batteries. This makes the unit lightweight and easier to install. The benefits of this type of lighting include:

  • Giving more light in a smaller package.
  • Using less energy.
  • Having a longer lifespan than other types of lighting.

LED bulbs have been used for exit signs in hallways and other locations to meet building, fire codes and insurance regulations for years. Recently LED lighting has become available for emergency lighting as well. Lights can be placed in the most efficient locations for safety.

For areas prone to sudden power outages, LED lighting is a good way to make sure you have lights when the need arises. For large residential buildings, lightning is one of the most important factors in allowing people to escape during an emergency, in an orderly manner.

Benefits of Using LED Lights
These highly-efficiency lights use maintenance free Ni-Cad batteries. Ni-Cad batteries are smaller, lighter weight and longer lasting than sealed lead acid batteries. Overall benefits include:

Efficiency: LED lights do not burn a filament, so they have less heat and wear and tear. They can save up to 30 percent over other types of lights.

Last Longer: LED lights don't burn filament for light, so they can last as many as 50,000 hours longer than incandescent light bulbs, making them much most cost effective.

Brightness: LED lights are much brighter than other lights. This makes them a much more useful source of lighting for emergency purposes.

Less Maintenance: LED lighting lasts a lot longer than incandescent light, so you will not need to replace them as often.

Improved Safety: LED lighting can use circuit protection solutions where there is a risk of fire. They can be equipped with shunt protectors as well.

Low Power Needed: The lower power needed for use, compared to other lighting sources makes it easy to use backup batteries or emergency generators when power systems have failed.

Aesthetics: In large buildings, there is the possibility of combining LED emergency lighting with conventional lighting or architectural lighting for a beautiful look. They can be made in any shape or size and incorporated into the structure of the design of the building. Emergency lighting with LEDs can be built into floors, walls or other structures. This gives a lot more options for their use.

History of LED Lighting
LED lighting has been used for Exit signs for over two decades, but their use for emergency lighting sources has only been available for the last six of seven years. This is due to improved efficacy, color and price reductions. The new innovative designs and technology offer a competitive edge to this type of lighting. The advances in battery storage for backup operations and protection systems are creating new opportunities for light manufacturers.

LED lighting is increasingly replacing older systems, due to its cost and efficiency benefits. The longevity and reliability of the lights are the most noted reasons. LEDs are thought to be more environmentally friendly as well. Due to their safety record LED lights are often used in mining, oil exploration businesses and other situations where explosives are a concern.

In conclusion, LED emergency lights have many uses and benefits over traditional emergency lighting sources. Within a short period, they will likely become the standard for emergency lighting. Due to improved technology and efficiency, LED lighting will be used as a replacement to existing systems for its increased safety, cost savings, and versatility.

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