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Monday, July 23, 2018
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Big lesson entrepreneurs can learn from Seahorse

Seahorse has a great lesson to teach the men in corporate.  The lesson more often discussed and spoken about in the corporate is about delegation. 

Seahorse has a great lesson to teach the men in corporate.  The lesson more often discussed and spoken about in the corporate is about delegation.  Special trainings are organized and conducted to the employees to train them to know about the delegation & its importance.  Interestingly, ‘delegation’ is the most common practice none in the corporate follow nor interested in it.  The entrepreneurs also never love to follow the culture of delegation except talking a lot about the subject in great measure. 

Is delegation so important for the growth of the organization?  What is the meaning of the word delegation in the corporate parlance?  Entrust the responsibility to others and believe in them.  Entrusting the responsibility on others is very easy in corporate but believing their capability is very difficult as every one think that they are the most capable persons in the organization and rest is very incapable and inefficient.  The issue of delegation is more pronounced in single man driven corporate.

What is so special about Seahorse in this regard?   Seahorse, scientifically know as Hippocampus, is a very primitive species of animal that live in sea. 

As like all animals, the female Hippocampus lay eggs into a specialized pouch in male animal.  Interestingly, the eggs are nursed, cared and guarded until the young ones are hatched out of the egg by the male Seahorse.  Female leave the entire responsibility with the male and gets ready for next reproductive cycle.  Delegating the total responsibility of rearing the child to the husband by the very mother is very rare in nature.  That too, after entrusting the responsibility, she moves to another male?  . In some birds, after laying eggs and delegating the responsibility of caring the eggs to the male bird, the female birds start attracting new male birds for mating. The evolutionary biologist may give the explanation of maximizing the breeding time advantage to produce more young ones, this act is been done by female Hippocampus and some birds. It may be true.  But the message, the corporate employees including the entrepreneurs need to draw from above fact is on the importance of delegation and empowerment.  

The female Seahorse alone can lay eggs, she only has the larger stake in her young ones when compared to her male counter part, is customary to expect the mother to take care of the young ones.  But if she follows the normal dictum, can she take maximum advantage of the breeding season and can she produce more offspring’s.  She realized that she has to delegate the responsibility of rearing the young ones to some one.  She needs courage and trust to delegate the responsibility to some one.  Unless she delegate, she cannot make the fullest advantage of the opportunity.  Even if the male rear the young ones, she alone can produce eggs and she alone is the mother to the children.  She has tremendous trust in herself, her role and identity as mother; hence she could delegate the labor to her male partner with the same trust and confidence she has in her.  

Corporate employees must learn the lesson from the Seahorse.  More often than not, employees hold on to some idea or project and see to it that none enters into the project as that may affect their monopoly in claiming the credit. Even after getting the due merit and recognition, they continue to hold on the glory of the past and try to sell it in the corporate.  It is important for the entrepreneurs to understand the above and shape the corporate accordingly.  Shun your ego; learn from Seahorse, after allFree Web Content, your learning is going to help you the most than the Seahorse.

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Dr S Ranganathan, Director, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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