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Friday, October 22, 2021
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Business Energy Solutions - Saving Energy

Reducing business expenses, such as the cost of energy, can help a company increase profit and remain in business. Just as homeowners seek ways to reduce the amount of money spent on energy to heat, light and run the home, businesses can implement energy saving measures to reduce costs, as well. Reducing energy use results in a cost savings and is planet friendly position, which can be a big plus for environmentally conscious customers.

Heating and Cooling Costs
The heating and cooling costs for the building that houses the business is a major expense for many companies. During the cold months of the year, the business must pay to keep the building warm and comfortable for workers. The hot season, particularly in some locations, can be an even greater expense than heating costs. Setting the office thermostats to a lower temperature in the cold months and higher during the hot season, when the building is unoccupied can reduce the cost to control the temperature in the building.†

Thermostats are also available that will automatically adjust the temperature setting at different times of the day. For instance, during night hours, the thermostat setting can be raised in the summer months even if workers are still in the building. Maintain the heating and cooling equipment in the building to ensure the most efficient use of energy. In addition, maintain the building and office area to reduce heat and cold air loss by installing energy efficient windows and keeping doors closed as much as possible.†

Energy Providers
In areas with a choice of energy providers, it is worthwhile to conduct a comparison to find the provider with the lowest prices. Many businesses donít consider the possibility of shopping around for a lower price on energy when the option is available.†

Lighting and Equipment
The simple act of turning off lights in an office when they are not in use can significantly reduce energy costs. Motion activated lights also turn the lights off when no motion is detected in the room, eliminating the chance lights will be left on in rooms. Motion sensors can be installed in office cubicles as well to turn off equipment such as fans, monitors and desk lights when no one is working in the area. you should also make sure that exterior lights are turned off during the daylight hours. A compact fluorescent light bulb uses 75 percent less energy than an incandescent bulb and lasts six times longer therefore business owners can reduce the cost of energy as well as the cost of replacing bulbs in the office.†

Reduce the amount of electricity for business used by updating equipment - changing desktop computers to laptops can reduce energy costs to run the computer by 80 to 90 percent.†

Worker awareness of the need to reduce energy use during the work day can help to significantly reduce the costs. When workers are made aware of energy useArticle Search, they can take steps to do their part in the cost reduction efforts. Encourage energy savings ideas by providing incentives to workers who come up with new energy saving measures.†

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