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Monday, January 18, 2021
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Debt Collecting Q & A - Issue 4

Editor: The ... article is offered for your free use provided the Resource Box at the end is ... ... Q & A Ė Issue #4By Jim Finucan© Tiare ... ... Jim ĖIíve h

Editor: The following article is offered for your free use provided the Resource Box at the end is included.

By Jim Finucan
© Tiare Publications
491 words

Dear Jim Ė

Iíve had it! Itís been 90 days since I sold a product to this big corporation and I havenít seen any money. When I call them I get a ďhuman resourcesĒ person who claims to be waiting for
a check to be cut by another department. On top of that she has
an attitude like Iím bothering her or something. In the meantime, Iím getting ripped off. What do you suggest?
ďAlmost PostalĒ

Hey, ďPostal,Ē I understand. Iíve been there! But the way you signed off on that question bothers me. You need to remember to never overreact. The person who keeps their cool is always the
winner in these games. Very likely her attitude isnít genuine. She is trying to intimidate you or make you angry. That keeps her in charge.

So first, keep your cool. Attack the problem with facts. Get to the
department, which cuts the checks and get hold of the supervisor. Let him or her know that you will be working closely with them to conclude this transaction. Remember that bad attitudes or run-around games can easily be ended by asking for the name of the personís supervisor. Get the name - and the contact information.

Write out your opening pitch: why youíre calling and what youíve done to try and solve the problem up to now. Example:

ďHi Gary. Iím glad I got a chance to speak with you because Iím getting
really frustrated. Almost 90 days ago we shipped 10,000 Thingamabobs to your company and we havenít been paid. Iíve talked to Jean in Human Resources several times and she just says the check is coming soon. And let me tell you, that story is getting old! Iím calling you today as a last resort - looking for you to mail a check today to prevent legal action on this matter, because that is going to be the next step we take. And I should tell you that you would be named in the suit. Will you help me out today?Ē

If that person gives you mumbo jumbo about why the bill hasnít been paid donít get angry, ask them what they will do to get a check out that very day. If you get a negative answer donít let them off the phone until you find out where the hang up is. Go as far up the corporate ladder as you can and document every conversation. Add each of these to the verbal history in your pitch. You want to come across as stern but in control.

I know having to go through all this is a real pain but since you have to do it try and enjoy it, knowing that youíre giving these people a real dose of justiceFree Articles, collections style! Good luck!



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Jim Finucan is a 14-year ďtop gunĒcollections veteran and author of the
bill collections manual ďPast Due!Ē For more information visit -

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