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Monday, June 1, 2020
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Dollar Store Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common retail customer service mistakes you need to avoid.† There are also suggestions on better moves you can do to make your customers love your store the most.

Every retail business has its key strategies which must be employed in order to gain the attention and trust of the shoppers who enter.† Some of these strategies are also targeted to gain shopper trust and to keep them loyal to your store. One of the many time honoured, tried and tested techniques for those with a dollar store is to offer outstanding dollar store customer service to every shopper.† By being enthusiastic and hands on with the customers you are making them feel as if they are valued and well assisted.† However, there are times when the goal of keeping good, high quality retail customer service becomes too much for the shopper.†

All of a sudden instead of getting more customers, it actually becomes more detrimental and gives out negative effects on the business.† Here are some common retail customer service mistakes you need to avoid.† There are also suggestions on better moves to make:

††† Often the very first thing that happens when a customer comes into a store is a staff member walks right to them and asks them what they need or what they are looking for.† It is all fine and well and the customer frequently appreciates the immediate attention Ė up until the staff member decides to tail the customer around the store.† Be warned, this is not very welcoming. Approach, but never loom.† Constantly being visible to the customer gives a sense of discomfort and makes it difficult for the customer to concentrate on shopping.† Approaching them to see whatever it is that they need is fine, but allow your shoppers to freely shop at their own speed.

††† Always smile and look shoppers in the eyes when speaking with them.

These are both basic good communication techniques.† Looking people in the eye as you speak signals they have your undivided attention.† This highlights their importance to you and your staff.† A genuine smile while speaking to a customer sets a very positive tone for the conversation and their visit to your store.† Give it a try.

††† The next dollar store customer service principle is to suggest, but never impose.† When customers are looking around for a specific item it is important that you know what to suggest.† While it is good to suggest, some employees can over step their boundaries and actually impose.† Do not fall into this trap. Give the customer a sense of liberty to choose.† You can be convincing, but you should never be commanding when it comes to your customers and their shopping.

Follow ups never hurt. While it was noted that imposing is bad, follow up is not.† In fact, a quick follow up will be helpful most of the time. The trick is to see whatever your customers have bought so far and follow it up with a suggestion of a related item or product they might need.

Good dollar store customer service requires that you be helpful but do not smother your customers.† If you keep this in mindArticle Submission, you will always be on the right track to outstanding dollar store customer service.

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