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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Donít blame the economic downturn

Donít blame the economic ... we really facing an economic ... Is it just hype that ... into a ... Or is this the reality we need to ... or not you believe that w

Donít blame the economic downturn

Are we really facing an economic downturn? Is it just hype that weíre
heading into a recession? Or is this the reality we need to face?

Whether or not you believe that we're facing recession, you can choose how
to handle it. You can either believe it and blame all the problems your
business is facing on the economy. Or you can strengthen yourself and your
business, regardless of what's happening in the outside world.

When you listen to all the doom and gloom on television and read about it in
the papers, itís easy to buy into that way of thinking. To get caught up in
how bad things could be. One of the successful ways through this tough time
is to take a more positive attitude. Remember, only the best discover a way
to not only survive, but to become stronger as a result. You can work
through this recession and emerge with a stronger and more streamlined

This positive attitude is definitely one of the keys but I would suggest
that itís not enough. There's one more key to add to this - action! You
need to take action. You need to do something about your situation thatís
going to move you forward. Donít sit back and hope things will get better -
get going today.

Instead of just monitoring how the economy is doing, I suggest you look to
yourself and your business, and discover how you can improve your
effectiveness. When times are tough, itís easy to sit back and feel a
victim of it all. I encourage you to stop playing the martyr and to start
taking responsibility for your own success.

Blaming the economy for aspects of your business is a waste of your energy
and resources. I encourage you to harness your energy in a way to ensure
your business is successful.

What is the one area of your business which would really benefit from
change? Why not repackage what youíre offering or even step back and
re-model your business either slightly or dramatically. We often cling to
the old ways, even if these are detrimental to our business just because it
seems harder to change. But change is inevitable and the more receptive you
are to the changes in the economy at the moment, the more likely you are to
find a successful way through it.

Whatís missing from your business which, if you had it, would help you
through the recession? Passion, belief, intensity, commitment, focus or any
number of things. Focusing on whatís important and what produces results is
your priority now. This may call for adapting and changing your approach.

If you buy into this recession, youíre likely to see your business go that
way. What you think about is what you manifest and you need to be aware of
where youíre focusing your attention. If your concentrate on the worst that
can happen - guess what? The worst will happen. However, when you focus on
improving, being effective, learning new ways of doing business - guess
what? Your business will likely succeed.

A great way to move your business forward in a potential recession is to
take your thinking out of the box. Let yourself be challenged to look at
your business in a different way, brainstorm ideas and focus on taking
necessary action. A coach can be your confidential partner, your sounding
board, someone who really believes in you and challenges you to be your

You can choose to take actionsFree Articles, drawing on your inner strength and
harnessing your own unique potential.

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Personal and Professional Coach
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