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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Effect of planets on our life!

In Vedic Astrology, planets have an important connection in our future prediction. All the 9 planets affect different aspect of our life and meant to create changes in that specific area. Astrologers analyze the planet position and their transits in our birth chart to foresee what’s ahead in our life.

Let’s get insight of how each planet play a specific role in our life:

The Sun: Sun governs our conscience mind and true self. Your pride and confidence level, the way you aim for something and outshine in professional & social life is all dependent on this planet. One need to know whether Sun favors you and give strength, dignity, authority and courage to your personality or you will lack these qualities.

The Moon: Moon represents our emotional and intense feelings. Our expressive needs, moods, habits and level of sensitivity, you have in your personality while interacting with others is all ruled by this planet. Moreover it represents feminine energy so one may face conception issues or problems related to pregnancy or child birth if moon in his/her birth chart is malefic.

Venus: Your love, desire and world of pleasure are all governed by planet Venus. Whatever you desire be it beauty, music, art and food, Venus will help you to achieve everything. Avail Vedic astrology consultation on phone to know what Venus will bring to your life in love and romantic segment.

Mars: This planet is an action oriented and brings aggression, spontaneous behavior, fearlessness & bravery. Mars position in your birth chart will determine how you get angered and behave in heating arguments and harsh words.

Jupiter: This planet signifies what we call abundance, growth, wisdom, faith, wealth, prosperity and material gain.  Our financial sector is ruled by planet of luck and if Jupiter favors, you will defiantly enjoy a life full of luxury and fame.

Saturn: This planet is usually considered veil and known to bring separation, difficult times, limitations, responsibilities, boundaries and even death. Not just it bring bad effects on our life, it does rules our ambitions and determination, and set us to achieve our goals with hard work and perseverance.

Rahu: It is significant to note effect of planets in our birth chart, specifically position of Rahu to know what major impacts it brings to your life. Also called as North node of moon, it signifies rivalry, fights, conspiracies and unexpected delays in tasks. Whether you are under Dasha or Mahadasha of planet Rahu, get your chart analyzed by our expert panel of astrologers. Get your horoscope chart analyzed by our expert astrologers and foresee what planets have in store for you in future.

Ketu: Known as South node of moon, Ketu brings detachment of mind, spirituality and religiousness.

Mercury: In Hindu astrology, Mercury represents your intelligence, analytic power, genius, and reproducibility. Whether you will be kind, humorous or diplomatic with rational skills will be determined by planet Mercury.

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Vedic astrology consultation on phone will help you know whether a planet is giving malefic or benefic effects on your birth chart. It will help you explore what’s ahead in various aspects of your life. It is interesting to note effects of planets in our life and explore how each one of them govern our mental, physical, financial sphere of life. 

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