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Saturday, October 16, 2021
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"Even if you are on the Right Track, You're Probably Going to Get Run Over If You Just Stand There".

"Even if you are on the Right Track, You're Probably Going to Get Run Over If You Just Stand There". Deliver ... Profits using ... Copy ... whatís the problem? You have a

"Even if you are on the Right Track, You're Probably Going to Get Run Over If You Just Stand There". Deliver Astounding Profits using Extraordinary Copy Secrets!


So whatís the problem? You have a great business, product or affiliate program. You understand your market. Your profit margin is good. Your order taking system is up and running. Sadly, but expectantly you peer into your email box every morning . . . where are the orders?

If you are trying to reach your target market via the internet your copy might as well be written in Chinese if you are just stating product facts.

You have to tell, not sell.

You can employ the best designer in the world, produce the most stunning ads and cosmetically appealing web site ever seen, but it doesn't really matter because consumers are looking for solutions to their problem, not someone raving on about how good their product are.

Regardless of what you're trying to sell, you really can't sell it without "talking" with your prospective buyer. You have to go back to basics. Itís all about solving your buyerís problem, gaining their trust and simply talking to them like a real person.

All exceptional copy "tells" rather than ďsellsĒ. Your reader is a human being just like you. When you are watching TV and an ad comes on, donít you get up and get a snack, drink or chat to your partner? So how effective do you think a written advertisement will be? If the reader chats to their partner, they arenít reading your copy are they? They probably wonít go back to reading it either.

Think about how you can "set the scene" by appealing to a desire or need. Tell a personal story, and then let it flow smoothly into a "visionary" explanation by describing in detail how wonderful life will be and, how "good" the prospective buyer is going to feel after he's purchased your product. This is the "body or guts" of the copy.

Winning, sales generating copy follows a time-tested and proven formula:

l) Get the personís attention in an attention grabbing way.

2) Tell them in whatís in it for them. Your copy must be irresistible; your reader has to want to read it all the way through.

3) Make them drool with desire. The benefits of your product have to look, smell and feel so good they can taste it.

4) Demand action NOW! Join this newsletter NOW! Add a time limit, or close by date. Any procrastination my cause them to miss out.

5) Break up the "work" of reading by using short, punchy sentences, under lining important points you're trying to make, with the use of sub-headlines, indentations and colour.

Regardless of the length of your copy, it should do one thing, and that is tell, and tell enthusiastically all the problems that you will solve. Push the benefits that they will gain. Make it very clear whatís in it for them.

The "inside secrets" are to make your copy so interesting, so propped up by massive benefits that your soon to be client, just canít say NO!

Until next time,
Kerrie Mercel

Secret Weapons for Small Business that are guaranteed to generate floods of new order! More profits = Business Success!

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