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Friday, November 15, 2019
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Executives $215,000-$460,000 Must Embrace Newest Mandatory Rules Before Facing The Hiring Squad

"Before I met you I saw many jobs I thought were beyond my reach, and now after working with you I look at those same jobs as being beneath me."
F. Chapman, CEO

What you are about to discover is simple, and therein lies the danger that may keep you from implementing these intuitive and unorthodox search solutions.

You won’t find this information anywhere on the Internet: not from recruiters or headhunters, job coaches or executive coaches, or even a career coach.

Once you review this information and upcoming articles from me at, you can gain 360 degrees of insight into my mind and methodology.  You will never look at your executive job search the same way again.

If you do not have this strong foundation of successful elements in your executive search when seeking CEO Jobs, VP Jobs, CFO Jobs, CIO Jobs, or VP Sales Jobs, you are headed down the road to a mediocre and a barely adequate search for executive jobs.

As we both know, to job search well you must plan well. Your planning must be a systematic and purposeful activity that makes your executive job changing "blueprint" work -- to pull it all together.

Why do you think only wise executives approach their executive search as serious business?  Unfortunately, when you begin your search for executive jobs, you look at your job change as a "job search" and not as serious business.  You do not develop your executive search on a foundation of value that includes large doses of integrity and respect.

How should an executive job search be developed? On value, right? Who does it? Virtually no one... And "value" seems like a basic ingredient when you think about it for a minute.  But that's just the first of many major pitfalls you will encounter as a traditional job seeker.

There is a term I use i.e. "executive job search beggar". When you enter an executive search, within 3-4 weeks into your search you're already "begging". One of many reasons for this begging is due to the fact you are not getting the results you want.

Since you aren't sure how you will proceed in your executive search (no detailed plan or blueprint), you take a secondary position of begging.

Nearly all professionals seeking executive management jobs are begging in their job search at one level or another. Yet, the worst part is that you do not know when you are begging, or want to admit it. There are very subtle ways that turn you into a beggar. I see evidence of this major problem with my executive clientsFeature Articles, and I am constantly bringing them back on track.

You must change your mindset and get creative when you enter your executive management job search. This is the most serious business you will ever conduct in your career.

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Hello, my name is Lee Roberts and I have invested over $200,000 to develop my intuitive, yet unorthodox executive employment system to help you avoid being a job search beggar. Plus, I have been executive coaching, business coaching, and career counseling in executive job search for 14+ years in 242 industries.  Visit to take your executive search to new success with my 10 NEWS Leaks available on my website.

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