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Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Fine chemicals step into people's daily live

Now people's living standards are getting higher and higher. The life demands increase from the original necessities to the current high-end consumer goods.

Varieties of fine chemicals products ask for high-efficiency, high-quality and low-cost. In cosmetics, the number of its varieties is enough dazzling for people. There are beauty, skin care, hair color, cured foul, sunscreen, hair growth, facial mask, cream, powder, creams, facial oil, hand oil, early supplies, late supplies, daily necessities, etc.

Personal hygiene items contests. Washing products in the past only several of the soap, detergent, now a lot. Such as household cleaning agents: tableware to wash clean the hood and kitchen cleaner, glass cleaner, carpet cleaning agents. A refrigerator, bathroom, shoes such as deodorant, household deodorants. The various uses of the surfactant is the most important fine chemical industry, the most widely used material. A variety of spices, flavors, food additives, leather industry, paper industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, various additives is more too numerous to list the In short, the supplies of light industry and people's lives is a huge market of fine chemicals.

Potassium sorbate, food preservatives, the industrial production of ham and other cooked meat food, pickles food to save more time to facilitate a very far distance from origin for human consumption. Such as light blue food coloring, and industrial production, making our drinks colorful, drinking is interesting more.

The chemical analysis so that we know, India's ancient copper chromite (CC) craft of ceramic tableware containing lead, lead to poisoning, so we do not eat India's ancient craft of ceramic tableware, to avoid a large number of people in India, West Asia and Europe because of the tableware food poisoning. The same time, water quality testing is generally measured by capillary electrophoresis trace elements, and strictly prevents the cause poisoning because of drinking or malnutrition

The product of a variety of petrochemical synthetic fibers, polymer chemistry, is currently still wear all kinds of textile raw materials first, and industrial production has greatly enriched our dress resources. Clothing dyes are generally industrial products. The development of chemical knowledge in these areas, the clothes become colorful. Anti-corrosion ball of the closet, whether it is in mothballs or dichlorobenzene, are also industrial products. Beauty, skin care, hair color, cured foul, sunscreen, hair growth, facial mask, cream, powder, creams, facial oil, hand oil, as early as supplies, late supplies, daily necessities, etc. list goes on.

What is surprising is the human building, especially in urban construction, almost all industrial products, has no traces of any natural. Glass, cement, iron and steel, to plastic, are chemical scientific and technological achievements to create products. Here are several general would not have thought of.

Now the walls paints are generally industrial products with different colors, wear-resistant and waterproof. It has many performances that many hand-lime walls lent can not compete with. In the plate furniture, both the glue and plastic surface materials using in plate making are industrial products. Even for the solid wood furniture, its paints are also industrial products. The tire material is using the chemical technologyComputer Technology Articles,. The electric vehicles battery is also a chemical battery.


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