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Monday, April 6, 2020
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Foreclosures: Basic Information about the Process

As the number of foreclosures increases more and more people are seeking out answers. They want to know what this is, how it happens, and what to expect from the process.

Today there are probably a few foreclosure homes in your neighborhood. With the decline of the economy as well as individuals and families' finances, people are struggling to hang on to their homes. But what does it mean if a home is in foreclosure? Is there a way out of it? Is it possible to save the house? Here is some basic information about the process.

What does it mean?

Foreclosures are homes where the owner can no longer pay the mortgage. They may not be able to pay the principle, the interest or both. In some cases individuals look to pay as much as possible to delay this process from taking place. However if the mortgage is not paid within a certain amount of time, the process begins.

What happens first?

A homeowner already knows if he or she is not able to pay the mortgage. However when this realization comes to the lenderComputer Technology Articles, a Notice of Default is sent out. This is to let the homeowner know that they are in default on their home loan. This is the starting point for all foreclosures. In today's current economic situation lenders vary on the amount of time it takes to get the process started. Several steps can end up delayed. Many homeowners may look for loan modifications in order to stay in their homes and avoid this situation.

What happens after the Notice of Default?

From here a homeowner has about three months to get the loan straight. This means that he or she is completely caught up on the past due amounts and the loan is once again current. Some homeowners work to make this happen. Others may request an extension of time based on extenuating circumstances. However at this point lenders can move the foreclosures into the Notice of Sale stage.

What is the Notice of Sale?

A Notice of Sale lets the homeowner know that the home is going to be auctioned off. Other people are also made aware because a sign is posed on the property. Once at this stage foreclosures are usually advertised to let potential owners and investors know that these specific properties are going to be offered for sale through an auction.

What happens at the auction?

Many foreclosures end up in auctions. In this situation people are encouraged to come out and bid on the property. The starting bid is usually what the bank or lender is owed based on the previous mortgage as well as fees that have been accrued. From there individuals and businesses can make public bids with the highest bidder becoming the property owner. From there the deed is transferred.

If a home is worth less that the amount owed it may skip the auction process and move to being owned by the bank. From there a variety of situations can take place.

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