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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Garage Door Repairs Made Simple

Garage door stuck or not responding to the opener? Here are some common and simple garage door repairs that you can do yourself before calling for a professional help.

So the garage door doesn’t quite open or close all the way? Think that it's okay to leave it like that? Maybe it opens too easily or your electronic opener is on the fritz? Leaving them as it is can be a costly mistake. What might be a quick fix can turn into a large expense if left unattended to for too long. Even if you can't afford to call a professional in just yet, you can handle some on your own, which will not only keep your door functioning properly, but will keep your car and belongings safe from potential thieves.

An open garage door is a target for crime and if yours has been stuck, even just a small bit, for more than a few days, you might already have a thief casing your home. To avoid a possible break-in, there are a few quick steps you can try to get it shut tight again. The first thing you should look for is something that has got caught in the hinges. Repairs can be as simple as dislodging a stray item like a kite string that has got caught around a spring or a piece of rock that is wedged in a corner. However, be cautious when removing any items, especially if near the torsion springs. They might be caught with a bit of tension and might snap up and cause injury.

If there is nothing stuck or caught anywhere near the mechanisms or frame, you may have a case of dry rollers and hinges. These will need to be lubed up occasionally to ensure they glide easily and the door doesn't get jammed halfway down or up. If you do need to use a bit of lubricant, it's also a good idea to check the tracks to make sure they are free of any dirt or grime buildup. This might also be causing it to get caught. Besides being simple, these should also be part of your regular maintenance and cleaning routine which should be performed monthly for best performance.

If your garage door just doesn't want to seem to close or open with your electronic opener, chances are you have a small technical problem. One of the simplest step is replacing the batteries in your electronic opener. This seems obvious, but is often overlooked.

If that doesn't do the trick, check for stuck buttons that might be causing it to stick. If the problem doesn't lie with the remote, check to make sure all the wiring with the system is in order and that nothing is loose or frayed. Sometimes rodents can chew through wires. If you have a leaky roof you may want to be careful as some wiring might have gotten wet and is causing a shortage. If you do notice some electrical wiring issueBusiness Management Articles, unless you have experience you'll want to contact a professional for help. Some garage door repairs are too dangerous to handle on our own.

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