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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Health care and disease prevention function of lycopene

Human cell senescence, injury and DNA mutations are related to free radicals. Human body is continuously produced free radicals, and antioxidant mechanisms continue to destroy free radicals in the body. 

When people get older and sick, antioxidant mechanism weakened, the cells suffer oxidative damaging, then various diseases had begun, DNA mutated by oxygen free radicals, so that the cells cancerous. Generally, human body has free radical scavenging enzyme (Coenzyme Q12), but when the free radicals generated too much, or the body scavenging capacity is insufficient, it will be required to supply antioxidant from outside to maintain cell balance. A lycopene molecule can quench thousands of free radicals, the antioxidant power is 100 times than vitamin E, 1000 times than vitamin C.


Lycopene in the body through the digestive tract mucosa absorption into the blood and lymph, spread to the testicles, adrenal gland, prostate, pancreas, breast, ovarian, colon, liver, lungs, skin and various mucosa tissues, promote the glands secrete hormones, thereby making people have intense energy; removing these free radicals in the organs and tissues to protect them from harm, and enhance the body immunity.


Male external prostate has multiple layers of mesh fiber, generally there is hardly to appear inflammation or virus. But after infection, generic drug is difficult to work. Lycopene by human lipoprotein transport in different organs of the body, in testicular and prostate have the highest concentration. Quenching free radicals, remove toxins in prostate, so as to effectively prevent prostate disease. Lycopene may also adjust the prostatic fluid, keeps the PH value in 6~6.5, provide comfortable operating environment for the sperm, increase sperm activity, increase male fertility. Pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers researched found that daily intake of 30 milligrams of lycopene can be achieved the effects of preventing prostate cancer, gastrointestinal cancer and bladder cancer and other cancers.


Cardio-cerebral blood vessel is the channel of human energy transmission. Blood fats (cholesterol, does not dissolve in the blood) used lipoprotein as a carrier. Wherein the low density lipoprotein LDL which transported to the cells by the liver is vulnerable to be attacked by free radicals to cause cholesterol deposits, lead to atherosclerosis, hinder the blood flow, cause coronary heart disease, stroke, cardiovascular and other cerebrovascular diseases. Lycopene can adjust plasma cholesterol concentrations, protect LDL against oxidation. Can also repair oxygenated cells, promote the formation of intercellular cement, and enhanced blood vessel flexibility.


Radiation, sunlight in our daily life may accelerate skin oxidized and aging, produce wrinkles, pigmentation spots. Experiments have shown that the skin after UV irradiation, lycopene content was reduced by 31%~46%, but other ingredients are almost the same. It follows that lycopene by quenching free radicals inside the body forming a natural barrier that effectively blocked the UV, radiation damage to the skin, prevents UV-induced pigmentation spots, black spots, and so on. And promote the combination of collagen and elastin in the blood, make the skin full of elasticity.


Macular degeneration is Visual attenuation and the leading cause of blindness in the elderly, and elevated serum lycopene may reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration. Lycopene also has the functions to prevent osteoporosis, lower blood pressure, improve men and women fertility, reduce the asthma caused by movements and so on. Lycopene found in various mucosa tissues in the body, long-term use can be improved various discomforts due to mucosal tissue damaged in the body. Such as dry cough, dry eyes, mouth ulcersFree Web Content, protect the gastrointestinal mucosa.


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