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Saturday, September 21, 2019
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How did you choose your team head, corporate

Organization must use its wisdom in choosing a right leader to lead the team.  Beyond knowledge and experience, the extent of self reliance and independence the people have....

I really do not know whether the corporate world is familiar with the two important biological terms such as ‘altrecial’ and ‘precocial’. Both these terms have great relevance in the corporate system.

The above terms are generally used to describe the condition of the young ones when they are delivered by the mother.  Altrecial means, the young ones once born, need absolute parental care without which, they cannot survive.  The classic example is the young ones of eagle & most birds or pups of a dog or pups of a mouse etc.  The young ones are born with eyes closed, naked skin without any hair/fur and are unable to move and defend.  

On the contrary, precocial means, the young ones are self reliant; they are born with eyes fully open and are capable of moving very fast and can protect themselves to a larger extent.  Example for the above is calf of wild beast & ungulates, fawn of a deer or lamb of a sheep. 

How they are relevant to corporate.  The modern corporate is filled with large number of precocial and altrecial species.  The organization must have a careful watch on its employees to understand their leadership strength and limitation.  When the organization set a very high goal on its people, the organization must know what kind of capability and leadership dimension these employees possess and display. If heavy expectation is laid on people of altrecial nature; it will be disastrous for the organization to move forward.

In nature, the mother animal very smartly select a secured place to deliver the young ones and the selection of the site will depends on the support/parental care required by the young ones.  If the support required by the young ones is very high (altrecious), the animal choose to deliver the young ones in a burrow or will build a nest in an in accessible area as in the case of birds.  They never deliver such young ones in an open land.  Although ones the young ones are grown up, the dependency may cease to exist, but in the case of human beings, the mind set of ‘altrecious’ or ‘precocial’ behaviour would never disappear.

Organization must use its wisdom in choosing a right leader to lead the team.  Beyond knowledge and experience, the extent of self reliance and independence the people have, should be the yard stick for selecting the leader or team head.  When leaders miserably demand/seek support from his team for his/her survival, how such leaders can lead the team or carry forward vision of the organization. 

In a very dynamic and complex situation, where decisions have to be taken very quickly, the strategy have to be worked out immediately, what next has to be thought of spontaneously, imagine what difference the leaders can exert and how different the decision would be between ‘altrecious leaders’ and ‘precocial leaders’.  The former one will get shattered in such situation and would make life miserable for every one when compared to the later. 

To understand peopleArticle Submission, one needs the essential insight and astute wisdom. Nature can provide enormous knowledge to the people on how to manage and administer a corporate.  

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Dr S Ranganathan, Director, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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