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Friday, May 7, 2021
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How EBay Alternatives Protects Your Income From EBay Bans

EBay's 1500+ rules about what can't be sold, their strict 5 strike policy and the danger of negative DSRs make having EBay as your sole income dangerous. Learn how eBay alternatives offer insurance.

Why are sellers staying on eBay?

There are no doubts at all that this is where many buyers are... the traffic and sales that eBay enjoys is staggering even now, with eBay alternatives like Amazon, Bonanzle and Bidtopia are biting at their heels.

But while eBay is still the buyers' paradise in many ways it is the sellers' Wall Street.

Sure you can make a lot of money there but you can lose a lot of money there as well and you've got to abide by 1001 rules and compete against many sellers at the same time.

The dreaded eBay ban is potentially the worst thing that can happen to you. One batch of bad luck and eBay will ban your account, take your fees and leave you without an income wondering what happened.

So what could potentially get you banned from eBay?

Not much if you think about it. Many of the new rules surrounding banned items specify that if your listings breach eBay's rules over what can be listed just five times your account will be banned.

Sellers with poor performing DSRs also find themselves without a home on eBay.

This too is a difficult trap to avoid as eBay weights its DSR against people who sell by auction those who sell to oversees customers, people who source from overseas or dropshippers.

Major shopping seasons like Christmas and Mothers Day can also play havoc with DSR ratings.

So how do you protect yourself against being banned from eBay?

Get A Safety Net

EBay Alternatives provide you with a safety net because they allow you to retain listings on the market place after your eBay account has been removed, allowing you to retain the same, if not a higher, level of income.

While it might be true that one alternative to eBay won't give you the same number customers, what about two, three, four or even more sites.

Because eBay alternatives are cheaper than eBay to list on (and in many cases free) there's not the cost constraints you face with eBay and you can spread your bets more without any effort or thought.

There are some other reasons why listing on eBay alternatives are a good bet as well.

It' is Good For Advertising

Getting your product out there on other sites is also a good idea in terms of getting your name and product out there - more and more customers are turning to the larger search engines to find products instead of just searching on Ebay.  The more you put yourself out there, the more likely they are to find you and remember you.

The More the Merrier

How can having more people seeing your product hurt you?  It can't, it can only help you with more sales, or at the very least, more visibility. 

So whether you are selling the finest of antiques, dropshipping computers or importing wholesale items from ChinaBusiness Management Articles, invest just a little time and effort and those little new sites could add up to some big sales.

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Now you know how dangerous eBay can be it's time to find some insurance. Dropship company has a fantastic list of eBay alternatives at

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