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Monday, October 26, 2020
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How is life in a PG in Gurgaon?

If you are about to move-in to a PG in Gurgaon and are wondering what your life is going to be, then stop thinking and start reading this post. This post will give your mind a visual representation of the life which you can anticipate while staying in a PG.

Whenever you hunt for a PG you look for basic amenities such as a PG with food or PG with free WI-FI, however we are here to tell you that though these things matter but life in a PG can be much broader and fun. So, let us draw the curtains and reveal what your future will be like.

Career growth

Staying in a PG that is located in one of the most developed cities in the country has its own perks. The city of Gurgaon is home to a plethora of Multi-National Corporations as well as start-ups. While these companies provide you with learning opportunities, a PG gives you a safe haven. After a long day at work you can come to your room and relax. But apart from providing you with a home away from home, a PG is an opportunity to meet people who share the same ideas as you. So, if you are one of those who would rather establish their own firm than work for somebody else then in a PG you might meet friends who share the same belief. You can attend the office during day time and in the evenings you can work with your friends on some project of your own. You can develop your entrepreneurial skills, go out for meetings or attend conferences for start-ups. The number of opportunities is simply endless, if you have eyes that can see them. Getting a bunch of people to work on an idea becomes easy under the roof of a PG. It is unlikely that you’ll get the same opportunity if you stay alone. Plus when you have people around you, they are always there to guide you whenever you are taking a wrong step. Staying with friends in a PG, gives you a chance to squeeze out the best thoughts and work on them in order to create a career path of your own choice.

Development of hobbies

All of us have hobbies that have been with us since we were quite young. However, we seldom get the time to develop them when at home. But when you move in to a PG and start living an independent life then you get the time to think about you likes and also pursue them. You can practice your hobbies after you come back to your room, from the office or during the weekends. For example, if you like to cook then you can make some easy fifteen minute dishes for your friends during the weekdays. This will not only satiate your hunger pangs but will also give you a chance to grow your culinary skills. Who knows maybe in the coming future you run your own restaurant. Similarly, if you like to sing or play an instrument then you can always play for your PG friends, keeping them entertained at the same time. You can note down their feedback and work on your negatives. Music is one such hobby where it doesn’t matter whether you take it to the professional level or not. It is something which will always help you and the people who surround you, stay calm and full of life. Like this, if you have other hobbies such as playing chess or any other game which involves using the mind, then you can easily develop your skills while staying with your friends in the PG. The city of Gurgaon has many recreational spots and classes where you can pursue your hobbies. For example – If you have interest in music and if you stay in a PG in Gurgaon DLF Phase 3 then you can go to Imperfecto in Cyber Hub and join their karaoke nights. Similarly, if you want to take your hobby to the next stage, then you can join cooking classes or a book reading club or anything that helps you develop your skills.

Fun and Frolic

All of us know that life becomes flavourful and full of magic when you are surrounded by friends. And the best way to have friends in life is to join a PG. Trust us, in a huge city like Gurgaon you will need friends to help you get through your bad times. You can watch movies with you PG’s roommate, whenever you are bored or you can always play pranks on them. During the weekends you can go out for shopping or visit Kingdom of dreams. Will you be able to have so much fun if you stay alone? The answer to this question is of course a straight no. PG’s are always full of life and it is friends that make these stays so happening. You will get to spend some of the most amazing years of your life out here. Apart from all this, another great part about staying in a PG is that you get to meet people belonging to various communities. You get to understand new culturesBusiness Management Articles, visit their paternal home and also taste the delicious food of other states.

Life in a PG is full of entertainment and sunshine. So get rid of the anxiety and join a PG to have an experience of a lifetime.

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