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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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How Regularly Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Can Protect From Allergies

We provide the best Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning services to help you get protected from microorganisms that cause multiple health issues. 

Those who understand the importance of professional carpet cleaning also know that sticking to a schedule is imperative. Part of the challenge is to make that schedule! If you want to make a schedule that actually protects you from the allergies caused by dirty carpets, you may find yourself asking the question “how often should I do it?”. You have got a lot of company.

Professional carpet cleaning is a costly endeavor as compared to DIY cleaning methods so it’s smart to devise a smart and effective schedule. One that does not cost a lot and still keeps you safe from the dander and allergens. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer for this question but according to the Carpet and Rug Institute, professional deep cleaning is recommended once every 12-18 months for a typical household. 

Following is a brief guide designed to help you know how allergies are associated with dirty carpets and how often you need to hire a professional cleaning company for healthy indoors.

Why Dirty Carpets Cause Allergies?

You must have heard nasty things about dirty carpets. The worst of them are the allergies and transmission of coronavirus. The scary business comes down to the microscopic details. Let’s get into it.

New and freshly cleaned carpet fabric acts as a filter. As the tiny dust particles settle onto it, the fibers trap it and don’t allow it back into the air. Well, that makes carpet flooring a great choice. But as time goes on, the carpets keep on absorbing and reach their limit. Once it's full of dust and debris, not it cannot take in anything else but can spread the danger in the air even on minor disturbances. It’s easy to imagine the instances of disturbance on carpet flooring!

The trapped dust and debris act as a breeding ground for dust mites and other microorganisms. Dust mite droppings are known to trigger asthma attacks. Dirty carpets also trap allergy-causing proteins which can trigger rhinitis and eczema. A nasty virus known as norovirus can live up to six weeks in your carpet and cause food poisoning when it gets its way to your gut. So, this is how carpets can house disease-causing organisms and be a threat to your safety.

Factors Affecting The Frequency Of Carpet Cleaning

A general period is discussed above but if you are looking for some specific answers, here is how to proceed. Consider the following factors to determine the frequency of professional carpet cleaning you need.

Your Daily Cleaning Routine

Do you mop your carpet daily? This is a great way to remove dust and dander from the carpet. A damp mop is quite effective in carpet cleaning. Other than daily mops or sweeping, vacuuming the carpet twice or thrice a week is essential. If you are keeping up with the routine, professional cleaning once a year can suffice.

Material Of Your Carpet

Most homeowners do not think about maintenance and cleaning routines when they are purchasing the carpets. But the choice of material matters when it comes to cleaning. Nylon carpets appear to be the best choice as far as dirt accumulation and ease of cleaning are concerned. Woolen carpets can sustain stains easily and trap the allergens for longer. If you have nylon carpets, cleaning once a year is enough.

The Duct System Of Your Home

Well, this may not directly link with your carpet but the duct system in your home affects the indoor air quality. If the duct system is clean, you may need professional carpet cleaning after a year and a half. Whereas if the duct system is full of debris, you may need to hire carpet cleaners within six months of the previous cleaning.

Do You Have Kids?

Kids and carpets have a love-hate relationship. Carpets offer slip resistance wide play spaces for kids. They love it but they can spill food, water, and what-not on the carpet. Even if you are good at spot cleaning, the tiny particles of food get trapped in the carpet. This gives way to pests and allergens. A house with kids should get their carpets deep cleaned after every 4-6 months.

Do You Allow Pets On Your Carpet?

Your furry friends love to play on carpets. The trouble is that they use carpets as their literal playgrounds. They eat, play, pee and poop on the carpets whenever they get the chance to! It could be an accident too but you have to deal with the mess. If you allow your pets to play on carpets, you must hire professional cleaners every six months.

What Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Method To Reduce Allergens?

Now you know how often you should clean the carpetsFree Web Content, the next question is about the best cleaning methods. You can consult a reliable carpet cleaning company to know what works best for you but steam cleaning is known to be the most effective carpet and upholstery cleaning method for removing allergens.


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