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Friday, November 22, 2019
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How should the employee-entrepreneur dependency be?

The employee-entrepreneur dependency should focus on how to create independency and freedom within the space of dependency........

In one of the meetings a question was raised that how every one can become an entrepreneur and is it possible that one can emerge out as an entrepreneur without employees?   Is it not the natural selection that had favored someone to become an entrepreneur and while some to become an employee?  The argument may appear perfect and high sounding.  It is true that only a few could become an entrepreneur. 

The idea is not about converting every employee to become an entrepreneur?  Interdependency is the basic tenet of the entire creation and the fabric of ‘mutual dependency’ only help nature to sustain ‘healthy and clean’.  The creation of all the different species in nature are based on the above law of total/partial dependency only. 

Eat and to be eaten up is the cardinal principle of the entire ecosystem. The herbivores exclusively depend upon the green plants and carnivores exclusively dependent upon various animals in the ecosystem. 

Plants are also dependent upon various animals for regeneration, pollination and seed dispersal.  There is nothing wrong in being an employee from start to an end.  Employees depend on the organization and the organizations & the entrepreneurs depend on employees will only make both to exists very successfully.  The question is how we can understand and relate the real meaning of ‘dependency’.   

Is dependency the sign of weakness or strength?  Employees depending on certain organizations and organizations depending on certain employees cannot be seen as weakness.  The interdependency is always good and it can only add strength and value.   But survival will not possible for either the employee or the organization without the other is certainly a sign of weakness and danger.

One needs to learn from the woody climbers like Butea or Entada on how they have become ‘dependently independent’ in the forest ecosystem. 

Employees should depend on their proven capabilities and the ‘self’ and so is the organization on its values and beliefs.  When the root of dependency becomes the ‘self confidence’ and values & beliefs, both the employee and the organization could create a space of ‘independence’ even while depending upon each other. 

All the different climbers in nature would teach us the very essence of how dependency should also facilitate independence.  All the life forms in nature are definitely and certainly depending upon each other in one form or other.  Without such interdependency, life cannot exist on earth nor is possible.  But each individual species functions independently in the space of mutually dependent world. 

The employees and the corporate must learn the science of dependency in the right sense and only then they can growScience Articles, otherwise only mercy & pity and not the performance & reward will be exchanged between them.         

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Dr S Ranganathan, Director, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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