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Sunday, January 17, 2021
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How The Rich and Powerful are Forcing You to be Fat - Lonely - Dead Broke and Depressed!

Because the author of this article is exposing the “Secret Systems” utilized by some extremely powerful people who are stealing your money, keeping you overweight, lonely, sad, angry and frustrated…

And because the author has already received threats from some of those very same powerful people…

We are now doing everything we can to protect the author’s true identity.

All in order to at least give you a glimpse as to what is being done to you ethodically, systematically, and worst of all, intentionally!

If you have ever tried to make some serious money, lose weight, have the sex life of your dreams, and achieve your deepest - most cherished desires and things did not work out, don’t worry because there’s something you should know once and for all…


That’s right it’s not your fault for being:

- Dead Broke
- Overweight
- Sad
- Angry
- Lonely
- And Frustrated that you seem to never get ahead, because…

You’re just another victim of these secret systems!

In almost every area, no matter what the endeavor, approximately 97% of all the folks who try that endeavor WILL fail.

- That’s 97% of all the folks who try to succeed on the Internet.

- 97% of all the folks who study courses and programs, from alleviating anxiety to Personal Development to Real Estate.

- 97% of all the folks who try to lose weight.

- 97% of all the folks who try to succeed with a Network Marketing or MLM venture.

In almost every endeavor, approximately 97% of everyone who tries will not succeed.

However, it is virtually impossible for 97% of us out there to be failures!

That kind of consistent failure rate among humans is simply not possible, unless those people are secretly - intentionally, being FORCED to fail.

Here’s some more info for you:

Did you know for example, that the average person living in the United States of America will make between 2 ½ and 5 Million dollars during the course of their lifetime?

That’s 2 ½ to 5 Million dollars earned by almost every working adult!

However, 97 out of every 100 of those very same people, after working their entire life - 40, 45, even 50 years or more, and after earning between 2 ½ to 5 million dollars, will be flat broke at retirement!

And all these folks will then be forced to depend on help from their children, support from the government, and assistance from other charitable organizations just to get by…

- That’s 97% of everyone who has worked their entire adult life.

- 97% of all the folks who’ve earned several million dollars.

- 97% of your friends, neighbors and your co-workers.

- And that means YOU have a 97% chance of being dead broke after working your whole life!

So if you happen to be lucky enough not to be sad, angry, lonely, depressed during your working lifetime, there’s a great chance that you will be when you go to retire...

But Why?

You earned all that money, millions in fact!

And you didn’t spend anywhere near that amount.

You didn’t splurge on extravagant things, like Yachts and Lamborghinis.

You didn’t gamble it away.

You didn’t give it all away to your children, or to charity.

So where is it – where did it go?

The most simple and direct answer is this…

Your money is literally stolen away from you, by a very small group of very powerful people, who use a combination of secret systems that:

a) Have already been put into effect before you were even born
b) That are intentionally designed to keep you from really breaking through to true success, freedom and happiness in your life.

There’s something else you should know right now:

The reason for this 97% failure rate is not human nature.

It is not because:

- You’re not good enough
- You’re not experienced enough
- You’re not young or old enough
- You’re not talented, skilled or smart enough.

It’s none of that. And don’t let anyone ever try to convince you that it is, ever again!

Let me share just two simple examples:

Example One:

It is estimated that every man, woman and child in the United States, during the course of their lifetime is virtually robbed of approximately $125,000 by the very banks that those men, women and children ENTRUST with their hard earned cash for safe keeping.

This money is taken by the banks, by using a series of false and erroneous charges and hidden fees.

Even the “Washington Post” and “The Wall Street Journal”, reported that 75% of all banks were systematically and inappropriately applying mortgage payments from home owners, in order to create greater revenues from false interest charges applied to their loans!

Recently, a 23 year old woman forced her bank to return over $8000.00 in erroneous fees charged to her credit card that she uncovered after using some of the techniques she learned from Mr. X.

Example Two:

Bank and Credit card companies – as a matter of practice – use YOUR signature, without your permission, or your knowledge, to get millions of dollars each day for themselves. But, do they share those millions with you?


Do they even share with you, on how you can do it for yourself?

Not in your lifetime!

And they didn’t share it with your parents, and they won’t share it with your children either.

These are just two brief and simplified examples. However, these secret systems are much more insidious, and touch virtually every aspect of our lives!

So how can any of us ever expect to break free of these secret systems and the super-powerful people who use them to control our lives?

Well, just by reading this article, just by becoming aware that you and your loved ones are systematically being targeted - you have now become just a bit savvier and are more informed as to exactly what is being done intentionally to keep you down!

Make a commitment to protect yourself and all your loved ones, by learning all you can on how these Secret Systems work, and how you can avoid their traps.

You are now on a new road of awareness.

You no longer have to waste your precious time blaming yourself - like they want you to - in an attempt to mislead you even further, because it is NOT and never was your fault. RememberScience Articles, to be fully informed is to be fully armed.

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Mr. X will be conducting a full day, in-depth seminar April 9th, 2005, where he will fully expose the many levels of these secret systems, and will provide real life solutions to overcome them. To learn more, simply go to:

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