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Friday, April 19, 2019
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How to Cater a Corporate Event

Food catering is considered one of the most important businesses.† Food catering services cater food to small gatherings all the way to corporate catering in large events such as conventions.† There w...

Food catering is considered one of the most important businesses.† Food catering services cater food to small gatherings all the way to corporate catering in large events such as conventions.† There will always be a constant need for food service individuals to serve food and clean-up after the events.† Food catering requires the company to be organized before they ever hit the kitchen to cook the food.
Catering businesses have to watch out for the risks of food safety in preparing and handling the food as there are risks for food bacteria outbreaks and additional problems involved with that. So food handling is important and must be considered for every event a catering company hosts.†
An idea for corporate catering is to use a spit roast that can be done over wood or charcoal fire.† Many gas grills and ovens are equipped with a spit (metal rod used to skewer as food slowly turns).† The spit roast will heat the meat and cook it evenly.† The spit roast has always been a popular way of cooking enough meat to feed large amounts of people as the entire animal is being cooked.†
For hundreds of years spit roasts have been used to feed large crowds of people during special events and holidays.† For Spit Roast Catering, the catering business would purchase a carcass that is large enough to feed the crowd. A dressed animal will produce approximately 50% of the dressed weight in overall cooked meat.† There are a variety of ideas to use for stuffing for the pig or others.† The stomach cavity should have a special rub in it if the pig will be closed consisting of lemon juice, orange juice, cooking oil, coarsely chopped garlic, coarse salt, and black pepper.† A quarter of this mixture should be rubbed inside of the pig before it is closed up.
Additional barbecue ideas are available for small and individual portions such as finger foods that can easily be eaten. The caterers will be able to present all of the food artistically for an eye appealing display.† The caterers can grill mini meat portions such as chicken tenders, meatball-shaped burgers, lamb rib-lets, 2-inch hot dog pieces, etc.† Consider adding vegetables such as round zucchinis, mini peppers, plum tomatoes and arugula as a healthy choice.†
Options of using a skewer to cook by adding desired foods on a stick are use of exotic spices such Chinese five spice powder, ginger, and zaatar into a spice rub or use of aromatic oils such as almond, basil, anise into a delicious marinade. The grilling will give the food a good† barbecued taste. Pairing the foods with various types of sauces from world cuisines such chimichurri from Argentine or Bechamel which is French.
Setting up rotisseries and carving booths will add deep interest and dimensions to the event. To offer these type of foods to corporate catering Melbourne events, the caterer needs to plan ahead as much as possible to prepare the food ahead of time before any of the guests arrive.†
A bread station should be setup for any hamburgers, hot dogs and other types of barbecued foods.† A bread table will have all types of sliced sandwich loaves, baguettes, pitas, and buns in whole wheat, white, and multi-grain types.†
Donít forget about dessert and while watermelon and fruit salads taste wonderfulFeature Articles,† an upscale corporate catering Melbourne event may require more creativity and delicious gourmet options.† A banana foster is known as a great addition to barbecue foods and uses the same cooking method by cooking bananas in a caramel sauce for consumption right away. Another idea for elegant-related desserts is poached pears and baked apples.

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