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Sunday, July 12, 2020
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How to Create Online Auction Site that Sells

What makes one eBay auction sell better than another eBay auction? Several factors influence the bidding on particular auctions. Most people selling on eBay use features to sell their item.

They describe and list what the item is instead of what the item does for the customer. 

In other words, they are trying to sell based on features instead of benefits.  This is one of the first mistakes I made on eBay.  I usually copied information from the box onto my description.  This did nothing to make the bidder scroll to the bottom and place a bid.  I had to learn to sell on eBay with a different approach-the benefit approach.

Successful eBay selling occurs when benefits are listed in the auction description.  Benefits tell the customer what's in it for them.  What's so great about your auction compared to a similar auction?  What can your item do for the bidder?  You must explicitly state the benefits.  Think about ways your item can do one of the following.

-How can it save you time?-How can it save you money?-How can it help you avoid pain?-How can it help you feel better about yourself?-How can it help you make money?

When you have at least one answer to these questions, you are ready to move on and use it in your description. 

Let's take the example of a coffee maker.  There's not much exciting about a coffee maker, it simply brews coffee for you.  If your coffee maker can brew an entire pot in three minutes, use that to tell the customer how it saves them time.  You might say something like, "Your new 'Anchor' Coffee Maker will save you time each morning.  No more waiting forever for a fresh cup of coffee.  Now your coffee is ready in 3 minutes or less."  This tells the customer what's in it for them.  Remember that people buy on emotion!

Once you "hook" them into your product by stating the benefit upfront, you can list or describe the features.  I would suggest closing your decription with a benefit-driven statement, as well.  Not everyone reads your entire description, so you should catch your buyers at the beginning and the end with a benefit.

Now that you have learned to sell on eBay a better way, take a few minutes and review your current or upcoming eBay auctions.  Be sure you have benefits in your listing.  If you don'tFind Article, revise your auctions so your buyer will know exactly what's in it for them. 

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Kerry Beck, stay-at-home mom and Power Seller, teaches families how to make money on eBay so they can gain financial freedom.  She wants to give you her mini-course, so go right now to

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