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Monday, August 10, 2020
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How to Establish an Autoresponder Campaign

An autoresponder campaign is essential for every business.
Some entrepreneurs are under the mistaken impression that you can only use an autoresponder campaign if you sell an information product.

An autoresponder campaign is essential for every business.Some entrepreneurs are under the mistaken impression thatyou can only use an autoresponder campaign if you sell aninformation product. This is simply untrue. Creation of anautoresponder campaign that is helpful and informative isabsolutely essential no matter what you are selling.

Your autoresponder is extremely important to your business.Many of your sales will come as a result of yourautoresponder. In fact, 80% of all sales happen after thesixth contact. That means that if you aren't collectingemails and mailing them regularly you are only getting 20%of your potential income off that site. Given this, yourautoresponder should not be an afterthought or somethingthat is sloppily thrown together.

It is just too important and too potentially effective atconverting prospects into customers to neglect or to investonly a half effort to. What is the best strategy? Theautoresponder strategy that I see employed most often is tosend out an email with an article and a small advertdirecting the reader to a direct sales website.

The newsletters all look the same, they all do the samething. Is that because this strategy is the best or justbecause it's the easiest and no one has ever tested otherstrategies? Differentiating your publication from others;giving it a more professional look thereby increasingcredibility and making it stick in the prospects mind. It'slargely a branding thing - the template should match yoursite. It doesn't have to be a large, complicated page to beimpressive. Concentrate on designing a clean, simple andprofessional layout.

A newsletter allows you to present information in anorganized, logical layout that is more appealing andintuitive than a text email - take advantage of thatcapability so that the HTML newsletter will have astrength. Otherwise, people will opt for the smaller filesize of the text email. Have, in several places on yourtemplate, hyperlinks back to your site. Perhaps the biggestadvantage is that HTML emails allow you to seamlesslyintegrate the code needed to track where your sales arecoming from.

As long as the file size of the email is small and as longas you are sure that your HTML emails are displayingcorrectly they are advantageous and have a very minimalimpact on sales. Don't be afraid to be aggressive. Thepeople that you are sending emails to are interested inwhat you sell. They came to your site and knowingly optedinto your email list. They want you to help them with theirproblem. As long as what you are sending them is helpfulinformation then it will not bother them. Don't be afraidto contact your list as often as you have something usefulto say.

Your autoresponder strategy must be built on building trustwith your subscribers while still managing to aggressivelymarket your product to them. Once someone trusts you andyour opinion they will be more likely to drop theirdefenses and really listen to your sales message.

The key to this strategy is that the information you sendbe your best work. It must be worth their while to read. Itmust be interesting. It must be helpful. This strategy,contacting them often, will backfire if you aren't sendinginformation they want/need because you will just beclogging up their inbox and they will unsubscribe from yourlist.

If you aren't confident that the information you areproviding will be valued and/or welcome you may want tospace the messages out more. Keep in mind that allcorrespondence should use the same layout even if it is atext email. Make sure and use your tracking service to seewhich of your newsletters are getting you sales.

When analyzing which articles convert best remember thatarticles will pull better or worse depending on where theyare placed in your sequence. There are two main campaignsto worry about right now. Create an autoresponder campaignfor prospects. Your autoresponder campaign for prospectsshould be at least a month long. Have the articles be yourabsolute best work. Have them proof read. Write more thanyou need and then ask a few people, who have knowledge ofand interest in your niche to pick out the 15

Your ultimate goal in writing these articles is to havethem be of value to your subscribers. The second goal is tohave the articles peak their interest and leave themwanting more. Your product should satisfy their need formore.

Create an autoresponder campaign for customers Have yourthank you page be a sign up box and have the first messageinclude the URL to download the product. This way deliveryof the product is automated and they are automaticallydropped into your autoresponder sequence that shouldinclude offers for your backend products.

Also, include "Customer Only" bonus articles every so oftenintended only to keep the customer from unsubscribing. Youmay need different campaigns selling different productsArticle Submission,depending on what the customer has already bought.Carefully prune lists to keep them from getting a salesmessage for a product they have already bought.

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