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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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"How To Make Money Out Of Thin Air!"

"Make money! $10,000 In One Day - No Way!"Are you spammed by such claims ... know they're ... But ... ARE many home business ... are making money ... you're ser

"Make money! $10,000 In One Day - No Way!"

Are you spammed by such claims daily?
You know they're ridiculous! But then,
there ARE many home business entrepreneurs
who are making money online.

If you're serious about learning how to make
money on the internet, and serious about setting
up a REAL online business, you'll soon discover a
PROVEN system you can follow to do just that!

Fact is, you CAN make money out of 'thin air'
on the internet. But how? Well, you do need to
put in some amount of investment, sheer work,
persistence and patience to set it up first.

People who are making extra income online
made it not by chance, but preparation and effort.

Fortunately, there is a proven FORMULA you can
duplicate for your own online success!

To be fair, it is nothing secretive. In fact, it is basic
to some extent. But I hope someone had shared it
with you before...if not, you're at the right place!
If yes, perhaps it can act as a reminder to you
on the proper steps to take to make that money?

Most money are made online from selling products
directly via your own website, or through eBay.

For the purpose of this article, I'm going to focus on
selling info-products from your own website - and it's
almost magical the way this can spill cash into your hands.

So let's get started on the basic system you'll need
to set up to start your own info-product business from home!

= How Do You Make Money On The Internet? =

1. You need a Domain Name!

Brand yourself on the web! People know you by your
name, now people need to know you by your *domain*
name online. It's what your website's called. YES, you
do need your own website to do basic business here.

For more info on getting a powerful domain name,
read my article "5 Super Easy Secrets To A Winning
Domain Name" by sending a blank email now to

Two great domain name registrars to snare that dream
name at a good price are :

- - $7.95/year
- - $7.95/year

2. Your Domain Needs A Home!

I'm referring of course to web hosting.

Now if you just do a quick search for
"web hosting" at,
you'll be lost for choice and definitely
confused as to a reliable and economical
web hosting provider...there're almost
3.9 MILLION choices out there!

I'm not exactly an expert on web hosting, but what
I can do is point you to three providers I've used for
my own sites. They provide value-for-money and
reliable hosting :


3. You Need To Collect Your Money!

When you're in control of your own info-product
business from YOUR OWN website, you'll need a
merchant account or a way to accept payments
online. This is different from promoting an affiliate
program where the program owners pay you.
Here, you're the boss and you make the money : )

I know it sounds threatening, but don't worry,
here's a super easy place to get started fast :


ClickBank IS the recognized online digital product
payment solution provider. Through them, you can begin
accepting payments via credit cards AND online checks
without need for a merchant account!

They provide a completely hassle-free and reliable
service that has so far seen no worthy competition.

Note that ClickBank has a ONE-TIME $49.95
activation fee, though there are no monthly fees.

4. You Need Products To Make Money From!

The internet sure is one BIG marketplace to
make you money...

eMarketer estimates that the number of internet users
will reach 565 million people worldwide by the end of 2002.
While according to Forrester, total online retail sales in
US alone amounted to USD47.6 billion in 2001, up from
USD42.4 billion in 2000!

It's that big a pie, and it's growing, so grab your fair

Selling info-product is one proven way, in fact it's one
of the biggest money-spinners there is.

How do you get started? Well, you need fresh, in-demand,
profit-driving DIGITAL info-products. These can be in the
of ebooks, softwares or audios. And now there are audio
known as "Talking ebooks" available too!

To make money, you need NEW products to sell constantly.

But where are you to find brand new products every month?
Can you imagine the amount of money you'll need to invest
if you have to buy individual info-products with resell

I'm not gonna do that definitely, so what I do is the next
thing - find a supplier that'll buy them for me *free* -
every month!

I'll let you in on this secret source later, it makes you
without enormous investment.

5. Your Visitors Need To Know You!

Most traffic to your website is wasted traffic IF you
do not capitalize on following-up with your visitors!

Very few will purchase from you on the first visit.
Why? They don't really know, trust or hear you.
In fact, your visitors will not mind hearing from you
again and again if you give them quality information.

Meaning - You MUST start an ezine or opt-in mailing list.

Basically, you need to get your visitors' email addresses
to build a relationship with them. This is the basis of
follow-up marketing AND really, the *Secret* of so many
online gurus. They make their money by recommending
good, quality products to their HUGE responsive subscribers.
Each time they do that, huge chunks of money are made by
these gurus - they can literally pull money out of thin air
this way!

So start capturing your visitors' emails and follow-up
with them regularly. Supply quality and exclusive
information to them. Build that trust and credibility.
Do what it takes.

I take this so seriously that I built an entire website
at around my
marketing ezine. Why? Because the ezine IS my product.

= Where Can You Find Everything You Need At One Place? =

Alright, everything I've talked about so far will mean
nothing to you if I don't provide you the tools you need.

I mean, here are the main crucial elements of a working
online business that can make you money. But for most
people, getting them together without help IS the hardest
part...imagine the headaches, money and time required to
set each up individually...

Now here's the PERFECT solution, an ALL-IN-ONE online
business resource, wouldn't that be nice?

EVERYTHING you need to start a successful online business
and start making money, almost immediately...

Web hosting; unlimited products; email autoresponders;
professional ad tracking service; opt-in list hosting and
services; unlimited support and guidance; exclusive resource
to create Your own products...and more....

You can get more information here if you are serious about
starting your online business :

Let's recap what we've went through. I debunked hypes
of get-rich-quick schemes, but showed you the critical
elements of a successful online business. Focusing on
selling info-products, you got an idea what you would
need to set things up. Then, the perfect place for all
your online business needs was given to you....

So, question isArticle Search, are you willing and ready to do what
it takes to set it up first? Can you make money with
a proven system in place?

Stop imagining! It IS possible IF you set it up...
You can make money out of thin air too!

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