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Monday, June 24, 2019
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How to sponsor MLM networking Top Earners? “Western MLM Leaders meet Eastern MLM Leaders in China”

With only one and half years of experience in MLM business, my success in sponsoring Asia Top Leaders in my country and neighboring countries Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India and China into the MLM Company I joined, bHIP Global has proven me as a Leader in Asia and this is the MAIN CAUSE in attracting western MLM Leaders.

How to sponsor MLM networking Top Earners? “Western MLM Leaders meet Eastern MLM Leaders in China” Western Top MLM Leaders CANNOT Resist NOT to join harmonybest Team



How do I recruit Asia MLM Top Leaders?

1. To attract Asia Networking Leaders, it is an easy job for me because most Asia MLM Networking Leaders emphasize on offline warm marketing.


2. My early corporate life as the key person and managing director in my family organization in property investment and import/export business. Thus, I have GREAT Business connection in Asia.


3. Now, I only need to prove to them my success income and the success proven internet system.


4. Tell them leveraging the internet to capture 1.5 to 2 billion of internet users to potential prospects by using a success system MLSP internet platform and attraction marketing model (Magnetic Sponsoring).


5. Plus my blog articles in asialeadersblog as a hub for networking has already proven success.


6. How do I recruiting western MLM Top Earners?


7. With only one and half years of experience in MLM business, my success in sponsoring Asia Top Leaders in my country and neighboring countries Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India and China into the MLM Company I joined, bHIP Global has proven me as a Leader in Asia and this is the MAIN CAUSE in attracting western MLM Leaders.


8. Why I say so?


9. This is because

·         All top leaders are ambitious and look at MLM business as global business. Asia economy is growing rapidly and with huge billions population especially in China and India.

·         My team harmonybest Team just entered China Market on December 2010 and we can help and build thousands and thousands of China and Asia members under YOU.

·         Asia Networkers are aggressive and hardworking networkers especially those from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. And China huge populations are very eager to venture into this NEW MLM business just like Amway 40 years ago.

·         Most Asia Networker speaks several languages and dialects. This is essential because Asia networkers can capture the whole global market, 120 countries or more in the world for MLM Industry.

Western MLM Top Earner leaders are seeking for global market opportunity especially in Asia and this I, Victor Lim Chee Seong, Co-founder of AsiaLeadersBlog and Leader and Founder of harmonybest Team can offer the Western MLM Top Leaders the solution.

·         In Most MLM business, Western Top Leaders earned their Peak income after 4 to 8 years of networking the conventional way. But recently Western MLM members made it to the Peak income at a Shorter Period within 2 to 3 years because of leveraging the internet.

·         And this transformation happened about 3 years ago, NOW it is Dead Again. WHY?

·         It is because this young MLM Leaders ONLY emphasizes on how to increase Leads and convert the Leads ( potential prospects ) into members.

·         These Western NEW MLM Leaders were successful because they incorporated the Duplicate System and Attraction Marketing Model plus being the Pioneer in Introducing the System, But these young Western Leaders neglect the importance of :

~ The quality products

~ Being the pioneer position of the MLM Company

~ The compensation plan

~ The track record and the strength of the MLM company

~ Team building & Team work.

·         That is why they are Dead again. Besides, each networker using the SAME System and Methods try to recruit each other through internet. What a FUNNY & STUPID scenario, eh?

·         For example if the product is of superb quality then people will joined and buy these products in the global scale so we are not restricted to the small percentage of MLM members only. Hence, the Product Quality is important.

·         Smart Top leaders do not mind to add in extra channel of money fountain by just joining another MLM company, bHIP Global because as to secure the world pioneer position for this quality product which have world demand.

·         If the MLM Company has a stable financial track record of growth and the compensation plan with NO flush policy and the accumulation of earnings is HUGE like USD 400,000 per month in Company bHIP Global, then again this is another MAIN attraction for top Western MLM Leaders to join me. So, compensation plan is VERY important.

·         In conclusion, to earn maximum and unlimited income you need a MLM company who offer you the BEST income compensation plan with quality product, demand globally by the world population and being the world pioneer in the Binary Tree plus joining the RIGHT Leaders in the Team who is capable of sponsoring not only Asia MLM Top Leaders but all the western top MLM Leaders as well.

·         According to my research many western top leaders success today is because of leveraging the internet with a success system plus attraction marketing model. Many of them made HUGE amount of Money initially but they did not take care of their downlines because of Internet Recruiting. NOW they are Dead again.

·         Majority of this success MLM members are young as because they are born at the internet age. These young leaders are handicapped due to their lack of corporate experience and also languages barrier to penetrate the Asia Market.

·         I being one of the Asia MLM Leaders of, I would be able to attract almost all the western MLM top leaders to join my harmonybest Team. Already few contacted me even before I post this article in my blog.

·         Asia Leaders are hardworking MLM Networkers and Western Leaders are smart Networkers. Western leaders are more advance in technology and ideas and know how to leverage the internet and apply Attraction Marketing Model with a Duplicate Internet System.

When Asia top MLM leaders merged with Western MLM top leaders then “The Sky is The Limit” this team is world No.1 Team and this team is harmonybest Team.

·         I, Victor Lim Chee Seong Co-founder of and founder of harmonybest Team invite Western MLM top leaders to join force with my Asia group so that thousands and thousands, millions and millions of China, India and South East Asia members can be placed under the Team.

·         Thus, everyone in harmonybest Team can earn a steady monthly income.


~ You are most welcome to email me direct. ( )


·         Helping ourselves and share this opportunity to millions of people around the world so that they can have a comfortable monthly income free from financial burden.


The internet system only attract serious MLM members and online visitors who want to earn an extra income. But NOW it is Dead again because of GREAT Competition, all members try to recruit each other by using the SAME Strategy and System.

But in order to attract Top Earners, you need more than a system as these Top Earners were the Pioneer and already successfully applying the Art of Recruiting. So how to attract MLM top earners and what do these MLM top earners want?

1. World market opportunity where China, India and Asia are with good economy growth and with billions of population. Western Top MLM Leaders Should NOT focus on their western English speaking countries alone and still using the OLD& DEAD so called “ Guru System “.


2. They want to have a bigger pay-cheque, and this can be obtained when there is huge number of members and the compensation plan offering them USD few million per month.


3. The quality of products demand by the world population.


4. Good company track record with good compensation plan easily for all members to survive & make money.


5. Be the world pioneer position.


6. Team up with Asia Leaders of harmonybest Team who speak several languages and dialects and their experiences as corporate leaders who has also implemented A Success Proven Internet Duplicate System to attract MLM Top Internet Users.


7. Western MLM Top Earner leaders are seeking for global market opportunity especially in Asia and this I, Victor Lim Chee Seong, Co-founder of and Leader and Founder of harmonybest Team can offer the Western Top MLM Leaders the solution.



Click opportunity and sign up today, be one of the world pioneer NOW.

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Victor Lim Chee Seong

·         Co- founder  of

·         Founder and Leader of harmonybest Team

·         Founder and Owner of Harmony Emporium

We, harmonybest Team specially combined our offline marketing skills with MLSP and Mike Dillard online strategies.

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