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Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Industrial silicon and ferrosilicon

Industrial silicon, commonly known as metal silicon or silicon, strictly speaking, does not belong to the industrial silicon ferroalloy industry, traditionally used as industrial silicon smelting furnace, so make the industrial silicon into iron alloy industry. 

Industrial silicon refers to the silicon powder content is greater than or equal to 98.5% pure silicon products. Industrial silicon as a non ferrous alloy additives. Industrial silicon is also used in demanding silicon steel alloy agent, smelting special steel and non ferrous alloy deoxidizer. Industrial silicon through a series of processing, Korah made of silicon, for the electronics industry use, in the chemical industry for the production of organic silicon, so it has magic metal called, its use is very extensive.

Industrial silicon add to aluminum, iron and other metal, can be improved or enhanced metal performance. Car ( including motorcycle ) with aluminum to silicon of the considerable demand, so a region, country of auto industry development to industrial silicon market decline has direct influence.

Industrial silicon is further purified to 99.999% above, make polycrystalline silicon ( cylinder ), and then mechanical cutting into monocrystalline silicon, applied to the large number of electronic information industry. For example, all types of IC card, VCD film, DVD film.

Ferrosilicon, ferrosilicon is used coke, steel scrap, quartz ( or silica ) as raw material, using the submerged arc furnace smelting. Silicon and oxygen easily synthesis of silica. So the ferrosilicon often used for steelmaking deoxidizer, at the same time as the SiO2 generation release a lot of heat, while deoxidizing, improve the temperature of molten steel is also advantageous. Ferrosilicon as alloy additives. Widely used in low alloy structural steel, alloy structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat-resistant steel and electrical silicon steel, silicon in ferroalloy production and in the chemical industry, used as reducing agent. Silicon amounted to 95%-99%. Pure silicon used in manufacturing monocrystalline silicon or preparation of non-ferrous metal alloys.

Ferrosilicon in steel industry, foundry industry and other industrial production is widely used. Silicon iron is an essential deoxidizer in the steel industry. In steelmaking, ferrosilicon is used to precipitate deoxidization and diffusion deoxidation. Adobe iron also as alloying agent for steelmaking. According to metal powder supplier, add a certain amount of silicon in steel, can significantly increase the strength of steel, hardness and elasticity, improve steel permeability, reduce transformer steel hysteresis loss. General steel containing silicon in 0.15%-0.35%, structural steel containing silicon in 0.40%^ 1.75%, tool steel containing silicon in 0.30%^ 1.80%, spring steel containing silicon in 0.40%^ 2.80%, stainless steel containing silicon in 3.40%^ 4%, heat-resistant steel containing silicon in 1%^ 3%, silicon steel containing silicon in 2% ^3% or higher. In the steel industry, produce a ton of steel consumes about 3^ 5kg75% ferrosilicon.

High silicon ferrosilicon and silicon alloy in ferroalloy industry used in producing low carbon iron alloy, reducing agent. Ferrosilicon joined the cast iron can be used for ductile cast iron inoculant, and can prevent the formation of carbides, promoting graphite precipitation and spheroidizing, improve the properties of cast iron. In addition, silicon powder in the mineral processing industry can be used for suspending phase, the manufacturing industry for welding rod coating; high silicon ferrosilicon in electrical industry can be used for preparing semiconductor siliconFeature Articles, in the chemical industry can be used for manufacturing silicone etc.


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