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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Is the Day of Single a Purchasing Day

Single’s day nowadays becomes a popular day for both Chinese youth and businesses, let have a look at how the day is described as a “purchasing” as well as crazy day!

Perhaps when I told you the transaction accounts of the Chinese e-commerce supplier in just one day-the single’s day, you might be surprised! It is said that the general transaction account was over ten billion yesterday!
From a month ago, Single’s day has been a very hot topic among the youth in China for according to the relative data so many singles are the potential groups to create a very huge purchasing market. The supplier has planted the promoting activity for a long time, which is proved to be a huge success among the youth-orientation online market.
You would be surprised when you get to know how crazy the youth were about the so-called “happy” day! The time 0:00 is the deep night according to the local time, while many netizens are sleepless to wait spirit-lifted and keeping constant freshment on the product pages to buys in order to buy satisfying items online at the “appointed” time. Some of my friends emailed me the message that they are waiting in front of the shops at the chill night in hope that they can purchased their items in advance in case of being sold out for it was said a huge discount would be launched on Single’s day! When I got the new, I was shocked; I cannot even image the picture they are waiting online or in front of some door in order to buy some articles that is discounted at normal time as well, chills grabbed me at the time.
I did not get the idea from what time is single’s day prevalent, and why both merchants and customers are so ardent of the day. It is just a day that is as general as others from my views. I originally thought it was a weird phenomenon to be induced by some promotion skills that you can get at anytime, but this morning I thought I have my own explanation – that’s because youth needs a releasing door, they need methods to unbound themselves from the tremendous pressure on school, work, marriage and supporting parents. They are so many invisible pressures driving the Chinese youth to move forward. They need something to releasing those unsatisfying things.
My friends said they can saw a lot of wedding car driving on the road in this day. They send me some pictures taken on their friends’ wedding. Almost of all of them seemed full of happiness. Well, I do feel happy for those new couples in that they finally get rid of their single state. The day the social networking community such as dating sites is very hot as well, there are even blinds dates of large level taken by famous company publicly that every potential youth can have a chance to befriend others to have preparation for acquaintance. The ardent of finding themselves someone to spend the single day together can be got everywhere; many youth in the country are willing to be in a relationship, while realistic states will always knock their dream down. Therefore, Single’s day becomes a purchasing day for singles to put their extra forth
Well, phenomenon can be extended to other festivals, it seems holidays of the west brings the Chinese market many opportunities. As the most important festival Christmas in west is on the way, promotion online are about to be launched soon, logos like a discount christmas might be everywhere, but it can be the best time to save yourself a lot of money for items you are in favor of. Chinese merchandise is keen on festivals for they can have an excuse to sale their production and be priority to others on numbers, while most of their products are still inevitable products in our daily life. SoPsychology Articles, are you preparing for the coming sales?

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