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Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Lessons learned to become a successful business leadership coach

A business leadership coach learns from quite a number of sources.†One can learn from credentialed programs, classes, your peers, your clients, research, and reading.†

A business leadership coach learns from quite a number of sources. One can learn from credentialed programs, classes, your peers, your clients, research, and reading. Another source of information can also be the Occupy movement that is currently practicing civil disobedience across the country. You do not need to have the same beliefs to learn a valuable lesson from this movement.

You may be wondering what it is that you can learn from the Occupy Movement when it has very little thing to do with a business leadership coach, but contrary to what you may be thinking there is a lot to learn. There are universal lessons that you can apply to different situations. The Occupy Movement has populist leanings but a huge number of Americans donít identify with them. Why is this so? Is it because they do not agree with their objectives? Or because their objectives are not clear therefore Americans do not know exactly what their purpose is?

†You can learn a lot from the Occupy Movement, but it isnít what they did right but what they have done wrong.Firstly, you must have a point and you must get that point across your clients. It is important that you have a clearly defined point during yourbusiness leadership coaching sessions. The Occupy movementís point was not clearly stated as we sometimes may even think, did it have one in the first place?

To become a coach you must have goals. Was anyone ever aware of the goals set by the Occupy movement besides their goal of getting us to give them 1% of our money? If werenít made aware of their goals then this were their shortcoming. As abusiness leadership coach setting goals and objectives that are clear to your clients is part of your job.

Another lesson you can learn from the Occupy movement is to provide solutions. An issue raised by the movement is the income gap in the United States which they didnít provide a solution for. If there is a problem at hand, you should be able to provide a solution or at least a plan to reach a possible solution. Usually a successfulbusiness leadership coach has one or the other.

The Occupy Movement alienates potential people from joining their cause because they stay too long. They overstay their welcome which sometimes may make people suspicious of their motives. As a coach the same applies. Do not schedule a high number of sessions for a client as this may alienate them or even make them doubtful of the purpose of each session. Clients differ, but it is always advisable not to overstay your welcome.

It may be odd to learn valuable lessons from a movement that has no clear intentionsHealth Fitness Articles, but lessons can be learned in the strangest places and this is one strange place!

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Jeffrey T. Sooey is the CEO of JTS Advisors and the founder of†Coaches Training Blogcommunity.

Helps new and developing coaches with coaching skills and client acquisition by training and mentoring them in good coaching, sales, and marketing best practices.

Works with employers on eliminating hiring mistakes and implementing best practices in hiring employees commensurate with the job attributes.

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