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Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Letís Unfold 13 Reasons Why-we miss the liberty tigers jacket

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Over the last few years since the release of 13 reasons why the first-ever episode, this series has been blessed with heavy criticism. A bit of both encouragement and discouragement was received. We surely are going to miss all the students in liberty high school wearing liberty tigers' jackets†and acting like sherlock holmes mini versions. Now that we are having the last and final season of the incredible series “13 reasons why,” it is high time to chit-chat about the lessons it has spilled.


The message “13 Reasons Why” wanted to put out there was very loud and direct. Playing with the mindset of teenagers is not an easy thing. The impulsive and reactive nature of teenagers is a dangerous element to play with. Running a show that is relatable and relevant for teenagers without disclaimers is the place where “13RW” went wrong during its season 1.

When we talk about our society, not one but a lot of things are wrong with it. And when one starts listing the wrongs, you feel like not even a single thing is going right. The more you think about it, the more you feel lost. You want to change everything in the world. But that is exactly where you are going wrong. You can’t change the world but what you can do is change yourself.

When going for the root cause of the problem, you have to cover a long, long process of analyzing one's life. You have to be aware of every single detail. And only then will you get to know how the butterfly effect actually works. How even minute things can cause a destructive storm in the world. This is the concept 13 Reasons Why tried to focus on.

How easily we blame the world and its society for causing harm to our loved ones, but we have to question ourselves. Especially parents. Are they even aware of what their children are going through? Do they even know how badly you make them feel unwanted? If a child is getting enough attention inside the home, he/she will never go out and look for validation and attention. If a child is failing, then surely it’s your parenting that needs to be questioned as well.†



A disturbed child over which the whole 1st season revolves around. When you look at her, you might feel that she is so complete and full of life. And at one point, she was, but then high school happened. And how a series of little things changed her life upside down. Every single thing that you do matters and has a reaction, and the series dictates that it is high time that we learn about it.

The only daughter to her parents, a pampered and happy child, took the decision of ending her life. People thought it was spontaneous but little did they know. There was a whole story behind it on which the 13RW FIRST season was based on.


An introverted, socially awkward, but sensible kid. Madly in love with Hannah but never gathered the courage to speak up about it. Probably the decision he regretted the most. Having a strong empathic nature leads him to follow the case of Hannah’s suicide. And after Hannah, the audience finds a completely different Clay. A charismatic leader of the school, who has a strong impression on other students.

The character development of Clay is what stole the show.


†When you see this character, his charm will attract you but slowly, as the storyline grows, you will start hating him and calling him a fool. A person who made friendships on the basis of strong back support, physically and financially. For that one specific friendship, he lost almost everything—an extremely disturbed and hideous character of the show. Just how Clay got Tyler’s back, Justin was also the one whom Clay and his parents together supported.

One thing that we have to add here is if anyone has worn the 13 reasons why varsity liberty high jacket†beautifully and utilized it at its full capacity, then surely it is Justin Foley.


The only consistent character of the show. Throughout the show, you will hate him. Not even for once, you will catch good vibes from him, and then, in the end, you will get to know that you were right about him all along. A much popular, filthy rich, and spoiled brat of liberty high school. If you are a believer in karma, then season 3 of the show will make your belief even more strong.

When the bully got bullied and had a taste of his own medicine, it is the satisfactory feeling you will get. Although it was not portrayed beautifully, you will get the vibe. A bunch of wolves who used to wander here and there together became each other’s enemy. Who knows, one day he will be beaten to death by his own friend.


If anyone in the show has very strong character development, then surely it is of Jessica Davis. From being best friends with Hannah to an annoying and ditcher friend and then later realizing all the mistakes she made in love. She is the kind of toughness and boldness every girl seeks. Sexually harassed kid who later turned herself into an empowered lady, the transition is real.

Apart from the character, what else that we can appreciate about Jessica is her confidence and amazing dressing sense. She taught many how to be real and how to be comfortable in your own body. Jessica Davis 13 reasons why jacket is a serious goal.

Anyone who is watching the drama is highly recommended to read all the disclaimers and watch it with an open mind and not with a reactive mindset. The triggers are real, the dramatic portrayal of high school is real, depression and mental illness are real. So try to watch it with a composed personality. If anyway you feel like you are relating to the charactersPsychology Articles, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Rant in front of any person with whom you are close. Just rant it out. Be open to trusting people and enjoy the pleasant aesthetics of the show as well.

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Emilia David is a content writer and strategist in†The movie fashion†with her fashion design expertise. She has been a part of the fashion industry for 10 years, and her area of expertise includes men’s biker jackets.

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